ecommerce and shopify demystified

Did a quick interview with Mr X on how to *really* get started with e-com, or shopify specifically.

If you’re (vaguely) interested, but have been put off by the potential cost, the potential complexity, uncertainty about how to get started, …

… of if you just want to get an idea what this whole ‘shopify’-craze REALLY is about, …

… you’ll find the Q&A session VERY useful:

Click here for the audio-version

hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!


PS: if you’re into the idea of Shopify, Mr X (ok, ok, Bill) and his crew (you can actually see him in the video) are giving away a list of the 25 ‘hottest’ shopify/ecom niches they’ve found (well, in exchange for your email address;-) now:


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