Don’t try to please them all … it’ll kill your business (and the fun)

alrighty, the natural instinct of pretty much all business owners, both online and offline is to try to please everybody.


It’ll suck all the joy out of you, and ultimately kill your business.


Because first of all it is NOT possible to please everyone with the same offer.

Here’s an example:

Yesterday I sent out an email about what I think is a wonderful example of integration marketing.

Within minutes, I had 2 responses in my inbox, one from Grahame, one from Quentin: (click on the images for a larger view)


Here’s Quentin’s message – clearly he likes it.


Grahame on the other hand, is not so convinced:


So, exactly same message (see the subject line), 2 polar opposite responses.

Am I going to change anything to now please Grahame?

No, of course not. (lol, that may sound harsh, but let’s be clear: this is NOT at all ‘against’ Grahame).

It’s just that when I review a product and make a recommendation, I’d feel 100% comfortable sending that out to my best friends or my mum. When it’s great, I say so, and when it’s shite, I say so too.

And most of my readers appreciate that about my emails.

My take is:

Personally, I give you the WHY. WHY is something a great thing and WHY should you buy it.

I’m not so much about the WHAT (is in the OTO).

I don’t care if it’s a PDF or video, I don’t care if it’s a “look-over-my-shoulder” program, or a coaching program, or a cheat-sheet.

If it helps you get better results, I’m happy!

So, I guess what I’m saying is this:

I am actively talking to people who want to hear the WHY.


lol, because that’s my own personal thinking and working style. I need to have the WHY first.

The WHAT we can figure out later. (and yes, I love tinkering, once I’ve figured out that something is worth looking at… but hey, that’s just my personal preference)

If I were to go into all the ‘WHAT’ … man, the Grahames of this world would be happy.

But most of my WHY-oriented readers would be totally turned off.

And I’d have to bend over backwards suddenly pretending to be someone I’m not.

So there you go:

Be true to yourself, and your own style, and simply acknowledge that you cannot please everyone.

If what you have isn’t good enough for some, well, part as friends. There are plenty others who dig 100% what you do!



PS: and yes, I stand by what I said yesterday: that funnel is GOLD! And you should check it out.


Like I said, because it’s one of THE best funnels I’ve seen in a very long time … and at only $7 a fraction of what you’d pay for many of the sales-funnel courses out there.

Alex certainly seems to think so … as he says: “the funnel is exceptional“;-) (as to Alex question how long it’s available for only $7 … I’m awaiting a response from David, but seriously, go grab it now!)


PPS: David did some split-testing on the sales-page … and got some seriously mind-boggling results … I’ll find out if I can share them with you …. maybe David and I’ll do a call…





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