Don’t miss this massive opportunity

a few years ago I was member of a small-business forum (yeah, the days before “everything is on FB”), and at some point some young buck came in and proudly announced:

“the future is mobile”

and all of us ‘old’ folks just laughed.

yum, humble pie….

Anyway, there’s an even biggger (massive) trend happening right now and I nearly missed it – which is quite ironic, because I’d been talking about the 2 sides of it, but never put 1 and 1 together.

Here it is:

the unbelievable dumbing down of our species. And the incredible sales-opportunity that goes along with it.

I keep complaining about …

… people losing their social skills because they’re mostly ‘communicating’ via FB (and are no longer able to pick up subtle emotional cues…) …

… that people no longer see the real world for what it is and truly *experiencing* it (because they’re staring at it through a 4-5″ screen) …

… our brains atrophying more and more because brain is being replaced by gadgets (and when people don’t deliver anymore, we just lower the standards … see ‘common core’ teaching around the world…)

… and so on.

Now, last night I watched a couple of minutes of a livestream that was pitched as ‘several hours of content’, and when I logged in … the first words that hit me were: “sign up now … don’t hang out here for the next few hours when you could SIGN UP NOW…

(followed by the insight that those who’d already signed up had attended a webinar that was like a rock-concert … “over 2000 comments by people who were off their trolley partying hard“)

(this btw, is for a biz-opp, and as usual, there’s lots to learn here, so you may enjoy this short case-study video I made about the biz-opp (plus something rather useful at the beginning) – the livestream is what I saw AFTER the content in this video – it’s all part of one marketing funnel)

anyway, when I watched those few minutes of what is basically a 6h shopping-channel style infomercial … it suddenly struck me:

THIS right here  – the inevitable dumbing down of the human species – is THE NEXT massive opportunity!

And this time I’m not going to miss it! (neither should you)

The big secret for taking advantage of this massive trend is of course to use every weapon Cialdini-style sales-psychology has to offer, …

… and also to dumb down content more and more, and wrap everything up in a happy party-atmosphere.

That way you’re bypassing the intellectual part (which will be gone in the next 1 or 2 generations anyway) and hitting the primal “I’m bored, so might as well buy this thing” triggers instead.

But of course that’s not going to be very easy, because all the big players including e.g. Amazon are all vying for that ever-decreasing gnat-style attention of your prospects.

And that is why I’m creating a new course called

“Dumb down, Hype Up & Party Hard”

It’s a step-by-step guide on creating content & marketing that’s so stupid simple that even the next generation of ‘common-core’ educatees immediately ‘gets it’, suspends all disbelief and is forced to listen to what you’ve got to say and accept it to be “the Truth”.

You’ll also learn to how to position this stupid simple content in such a way that anyone who comes into contact with it will immediately tell themselves that it’s worth at least $100k … no matter what you’re selling, or if you’re selling anything at all.

Those future generations (even the bulk of the current one) of buyers value style over substance, which brings us to the “Party Hard”-part:

For this, I’ll get a whole range of ‘party-atmosphere’ guest-experts in to create the ultimate module on creating such an online-buzz that people forget why they came to you in the first place  (sadly, I can’t add much to it, I’m an introverted computer-scientist who prefers to talk to his chillie-plants)

So, if you’d like to take advantage of this massive, and inevitable opportunity,  [thrive_2step id=’2615′]find out all the details here[/thrive_2step]



  1. Awesome! Party on Veit!

  2. Haha.. you got me there, I clicked on the link and then felt pretty silly for having believed you!


  3. Well this is a survey… are you buying the $699 deal… ;)))???

  4. LOL, which cheek was your tongue in when you decided to post your revelation? There is a great deal of merit in your observations, however cynical they may appear to be.

  5. You had me…

    …right up until the last para!


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