Dominating Your Niche From The Safety Of The Mole-Hill

In this interview with $20.000.000 Marketing Legend Dr Glenn Livingston, you’ll discover

How To Dominate Your Niche From The Safety Of The Mole-Hill

The idea is simple: figure out the one mole-hill in the competitive landscape YOU can totally dominate, so you turn your mole-hill into a major centre of gravity which you then grow out until you reach total market domination.

And you do this by attracting the right prospects and rejecting all the wrong ones.

Sounds easy in theory, but how do you do it in practice?

Find out in this interview!

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Resource mentioned on the call: if you want to find out more about Glenn, go to his site where you can get tons of great free content – beginning with the secret on how to get endless streams of traffic … pretty much for free (without having to rely on Google, Social Media, Pinterest or any other of the ‘in’ traffic sources)




  1. Thanks for sharing it Veit (another little thanks goes to “gotowebinars” for making you feeling guilty 🙂 )
    A little “too advanced” at times for me at the moment i must admit, but still lots of great fundamental tips and reminders what i should REALLY be focusing my efforts on.
    I’ve got a question/request regarding market research – could you share the steps/plan/mindmap/algorithm for doing market research.
    What tools/resources do you use and recommend, what exactly should we look for to decide whether to invest time,money and effort in niche/keyword X, IF-THEN kind of thing maybe.
    I know there is number of searches per month, and looking for advertisers on the 1st page of G,etc,etc, and tons of various methods(some time contradicting) people teach. It would be great if you could share YOUR “plan of attack” in a step-by-step way preferably 🙂
    Thanks again for providing great content in your emails and here.
    P.S. what happened to your other “old” blogs BTW, are they retired?

    • lol, yes, that’s why I said “for advanced marketers” in the email;-)

      the step-by-step IF-THEN type market research plan is coming up.
      the old blog had a little run-in with big ol’ G, (erm,…) so I dumped it.

      you live and learn


  2. I really enjoyed this interview, thanks!!!

    While I have a hard disk collection of dusty IM programs (and tools), I am just starting – but aware enough to be able to understand the discussion here… and, I believe, appreciate most of it. I found this includes great points for me as a beginner= how to narrow in on what to do, and especially the mindset as I build.

    The 3 “Do” at the end are universal, but especially meant for those like me.


  1. […] Glenn Livingston’s – a fantastic fundamental concept EVERYONE doing anything online MUST understand – delivered again by a guy who cares, and again with a story that shows you that anyone can make it happen. Plus, the basic ‘idea’ is free right there on that page. See also the interview on this site. […]

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