Digital Dust – JIC buying and how to really make it with Internet Marketing

(aka: the ONE thing you need to know to make it with Internet Marketing!)

2013 finished with a flurry of new products, new techniques, new tactics …

… how to get viral traffic, how to generate leads, how to x, y and z….

and 2014 is going to be no different:

people are going to discover lots of new ways of doing cool stuff with this Internet thing, and they’ll turn it into yet another product where you’re given the opportunity to buy.

and we all know what happens next:

digital dust.1280px-Dust_bunnies

Rich Schefren calls this the “JIC” buyer: Just In Case.

JIC is nothing but digital dust.

So, how do you go from JIC to JIT (just in time)?


all you need to do for 2014 is figure out

  1. what problem your prospects are facing
  2. if you can solve it for them, and
  3. if your prospects can easily recognize the massive ROI they’re getting

But Veit, that’s nowhere near as exciting as getting ‘torrents of viral traffic’.

Mhmm …..

Here’s my take:

once you’ve got those 3 boxes ticked, you no longer need

  • dodgy use of sales-psychology
  • worry about things like “am I using the right headline” or “will they like my stuff” or “why aren’t they signing up to my email list”
  • fling funny memes at Facebook in the hope that somewhere in the ‘sharing’ frenzy someone is bored enough to click on your buy link (and drunk enough to enter their credit card details)
  • get the latest and greatest “Traffic Krush” system (or anything else that promises you $0.01 (or less) clicks)
  • engage in iffy SEO tactics

The beauty is, when you’ve got that, then this happens:

  1. the temptation to buy yet another course goes away
  2. focusing on your current action plan gets a whole lot easier
  3. obstacles become so much easier to overcome
  4. and above all: the certainty and belief that you can do it, increases by orders of magnitude

So, homework for week 1 of 2014:

forget about all tactics or even strategies for getting more traffic, or more clients.

Instead, ask yourself:

the market I’m in at the moment, does it have a real problem?

Do my prospects recognize they have a problem?

Would they recognize the value of having that problem solved for them?

(do I even have a solid pool of prospects? “Everybody is on Facebook, so my prospects are there too” does NOT count!)

and: can I solve that problem for them? (“fake it until you make it” does not count. However: all you need is the ability to take them to the next level. You do NOT need an ‘official’ certificate, nor the approval of your spouse … As long as you’re clear about what you can and cannot do for them, you’re all set!)

Interestingly, the last part is the biggest obstacle:

the belief that you have what it takes!

arrgh, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little ‘tactic’ that gives us instant self-belief???;-)


what’s your take?




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