Dark Post Profits vs FB Ads Cracked (Reloaded) – The “Newbie” Perspective.

UPDATE: Version 2.0 of Dark Post Profits is out – this is covered in this review post

This is a comparison of Dark Post Profits vs FB Ads Cracked (Reloaded)

Let’s start with the most important question:

Q: Is this comparison of DPP vs FB Ads Cracked for you?

A: This is for FB “newbies” who want to get into FB advertising/marketing through FB, or who have started, but haven’t really had any success yet (or, as some people say: had their a** handed to them by FB… lots of money into FB ads, not results coming out)


Today, we’re talking about the “newbie” (or a**-handed to by FB) perspective, because most people get the ‘fundamentals’ of FB advertising wrong:

Here are the FB advertising fundamentals:

(make sure these are in place BEFORE you consider enrolling in ANY Facebook marketing program!)

#1: FB is for selling stuff people WANT. Like

  • having fun/a conversation
  • getting all geeky about the thing they’re passionate about
  • supporting a cause
  • show off

Also, these are IMPULSE purchases, so the products have to be low-cost!

The only exception to the above is this:

#2: You can use FB ads to REMIND people of the purchase they were going to do …

… but somehow didn’t.

(aka: reminding, often enough in the form of retargeting. Have a look at the FB Capture post for more information on how to do retargeting with website custom audiences)

#3: The BIG Secret of any advertising is the Drayton Bird Principle

Direct response marketing legend Drayton Bird puts it like this:

“You have NO idea what the market wants. No matter how experienced you are, ultimately, you just don’t KNOW. But: your market will TELL you what ads work and which ones don’t”

Anyone, and I mean: ANYONE can TEST their way to success.

Simply put in 2 ads.

Observe which one does better.

Chuck out the loser, put in another one and see which one converts better now.

Most people (and that’s what I’m referring to as the “getting your a** handed to you by FB, and believe you me, we’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Wasn’t pleasant) simply put in ONE ad.

And when it doesn’t convert, they give up.

You MUST Test.

It’s the foundation of FB advertising success!


And advertising is something that’s PAID for.


you will need to have a small test-budget to begin with.

Can you get lucky and score big-time with your very first ad?

Yes, probably.

But, I haven’t heard of anyone doing that (yet).

Expect to “blow” at least $50-$100 before you get any real traction.

Here’s the thing:

it’s not really “blowing” it, because you are LEARNING all along!

which brings us to

#5: FB Advertising works differently in EVERY niche!

Yes, the fundamental principles are the same, but you pretty much need to figure out how an audience responds, what TYPE of offers they go for, what kind of buying process they prefer and so on.

For every single niche.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because both, Dark Post Profits as well as FB Ads Cracked give you the fundamentals.

They give you plenty of case-studies.

But believe you me:

the moment you apply this to your own niche or market, the response you’re getting from that market will (yes WILL) be very different from what you saw in the course!

And that’s not a bad thing!

You just need to be aware of it.

And learn.


Incidentally, that’s why it’s so important you heed the 3 lessons from our $6000/h post

#6 FB Advertising is only HALF the equation

When ‘social media’ got big, I thought:

“oh screw this, all this posting funny quotes and pictures of cats is just nauseating”

and left it at that.

Then, over time FB advertising got bigger and finally (FINALLY) to the point where you could use it as a mainstream advertising platform without having to do any of the, well, nauseating stuff.


Except, Facebook evolves.

Remember: constantly learning!

These days, if you want your PAID ads to reach as many people as possible, you MUST have an FB presence (profile or page) that is ‘popular’.

as in: has likes. Comments. Shares.

In other words:

if you want REACH you have to do … ah, well, the nauseating stuff.

How incredibly unfair of Facebook … they actually want us to DO social media when we want to take advantage of their incredible advertising platform.

(oh, btw, in case you haven’t read it yet, check out our “FB Advertising … the new gold-rush” post from a few days ago)

Anyway, you get the idea:

by all means:

do your testing with FB ads.

No cats, no quotes, no jokes.

But, as soon as you’ve found something that works, and you want to scale it up…

… then it’s time to build up a page, get some likes, comments & shares …

… and enjoy a much wider spread …

… and as an added bonus: much cheaper clicks.


#7 Build a business with FB advertising. But only when the time is right.


this post is for those only just STARTING with FB Advertising or if you’re struggling to make it work.

Here’s the thing:

there are many ‘gurus’ out there who tell you:

“FB Ads is broken … you’re only driving traffic to other people’s pages (affiliate offers, Teespring, Amazon), so you’re building THEIR business, not your own. You MUST build your own business”.

Yes, IN THE LONG RUN, you definitely want to build your own business.

But NOT (I repeat: NOT, as in: NEVER) before TESTING a market with some cheap FB ads first.

Put some ads in front of your target audience, and drive them to an affiliate offer.

If noone clicks or noone engages with your ad, well guess what:

you’ve just saved yourself a TON of time (by not building a business that noone is interested in).

But let’s say they click, but nobody buys.

Again, you’ve saved yourself a TON of time (you’re starting to see a pattern here).

Only when you have a PROVEN target demographic and a PROVEN (we’re talking at least break-even) offer they respond to, THEN and only THEN do you start BUILDING your own business.


so, with that out of the way, here’s my review/comparison of Dark Post Profits and FB Ads Cracked:

(note, if you’d like to check out Penny Click Profits, you can find it here)

NOTE: I don’t offer a bonus for FB Ads Cracked!


Because frankly, although I’m doing really well with FB, I’m NOWHERE near the level of the real pros.

And neither are most of the ‘gurus’ who are offering bonuses for FB Ads cracked.

In my mind, there are 3 “go-to” guys: (in alphabetical order, as there really isn’t any particular order)

  • Chris Record
  • Don Wilson
  • Peter Parks

Ok, there are a few more,  but when you look closely, most of the others “sell you the method they just used to sell you method you can now use to sell the method to others on how to sell the method you just used on them to ….”


Chris, Don & Peter DO this stuff!

At a 7 figure a month level!

Anyway, Chris Record has an unmissable bonus (IMO) – live coaching for you along with one of his star students who did $1M in sales in his first month with FB.

You don’t want to miss this!

Forget about all the other ‘huge bonus’ packages … you don’t need more content, more software, more live mastermind events sometimes in the fall.

What you need NOW is someone who is walking the talk and actually does this at a very high level.

Check out Chris Record’s FB Ads cracked bonus here

Alright, coming back to the video above:

Here is the email I sent to my list a few days ago

(which includes the review video I mention in the video above)

so Martin says: “enough of the Tee-spring-shirts already,

I want to make some real money” (ok, I’m rephrasing)
So, as hinted at yesterday, I did a review of
Dark Post Profits – the ‘budget alternative’ to
Don’s upcoming $997 course:
(review of that is coming up tomorrow)
and …
drum-roll …
it gets a triple AAA-rating!
Seriously good stuff!
If I had another thumb, a triple thumb-up!
Well, I was so excited, I shot a quick video
to show you what’s so exciting!
So, this is SO good, I’m shooting a video-testimonial
for Chris Record (the main guy behind the product)
I’ll even shave.
the only other time I’ve done that was for Rachel Rofe.
(and I didn’t shave for her)
Anyway, 2 things:
as you’ll see in my video-review, here’s what you need
to do right now:
  1. get Dark Post Profits!
  2. go through the bonus training, just the 4 minutes from min 52 to 56.
  3. watch the ’10-step case-study’
if you’re not completely buzzing with ideas of how to
promote pretty much anything, heck, ask for a refund
 As Chris says: “The fortune is in the follow-up” (and you’ll
see the WHY and some great examples of HOW in the case-study).
However, Dark Post Profits is about, well, dark-posts, not
Email Marketing.
which happens to be my ‘thing’.
So, my bonus for you:
when you get Dark Post Profits through my link, we’ll
do an email-“fortune is in the follow-up” mastermind
where we craft powerful, high-converting follow-up
sequences for YOUR offer!
I’ll put that on after the 11th of May (which is when the
launch-price for Dark Post Profits goes away).
You MUST get DPP before the 11th of May!
(obviously, otherwise you can’t take part in the LIVE
You’ll find a sign-up box right inside the JVZoo portal!
Alright, I’m very, very happy with that concept “bridge
marketing” Chris shares in his course, and I’m confident
you will be too!
PS: in the video-review I kinda went “high-level”.
if you have any specific questions, let me know.
To answer Martin’s question: Dark Post Profits is
NOT specifically about ‘local’ clients.
HOWEVER: the short segment in the bonus-session
(mins 52-56) is all you need to attract all the local
leads you’ll ever need!
PPS: lots of people are really excited about it, have a look at what Norma sent me:


  1. Davin Ogden says:

    I have to say, I’m totally on board with your review Veit. Dark Post Profits is very good, and I’ve got a far better understanding of marketing on Facebook since going through it…and I’ve been through several, including the
    first version of FB Ads Cracked.

    Chris has a great teaching style as well, which I really enjoyed. Triple AAA Plus!

    Great review….


  2. Veit…

    I’m so happy to have come across your site (thanks to a darkpost you ran, incidentally). I’ve subscribed to you list already, seeing great value in just this post alone!
    I am an owner of all three products you cover here, and have to agree totally with your assessment. I like Don’s content, but have to say that Chris is a better teacher for the new and intermediate set… and his private mentoring group is probably worth just as much, if not more, than Don’s course.
    I’m not nocking Don or his product at all here – I’m simply agreeing that you are totally right about the appropriateness of each product for newbies.
    I look forward to discovering more of your content.


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  2. […] as I expect the content by and from Chris Record to be outstanding as usual (as you can see in my Dark Post Profits 1.0 vs FB ads cracked review, Chris has a knack for finding ‘unusual’ ways of doing things … which typically […]

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