Dark Post Profits 2.0 – the (p)review

the really juicy content of Dark Post Profits 2.0 isn’t up yet, so it’s pretty much impossible to make any sort of recommendation.

Here’s a quick 4-min preview to show you what *might* be coming and whom it *might* be for (first impression: heavy focus on the t-shirt/Tee-spring crowd and or/shopify)

Summary: probably worth waiting for the full review, as I expect the content by and from Chris Record to be outstanding as usual (as you can see in my Dark Post Profits 1.0 vs FB ads cracked review, Chris has a knack for finding ‘unusual’ ways of doing things … which typically leads to much more powerful results than doing it the ‘plain vanilla’ way.

Update: Part of the (p)review: whom Dark Post Profits 2.0 is for

Now that more content is up and I had an opportunity to actually review it, I have a much clearer idea whom it’s for:

(suggestion to Chris: have some sort of guide pointing users to sections categorized by ‘traffic arbitrage’ vs ‘own product’)

Overall suggestion for getting the most out of Dark Post Profits 2:

#1: at this point there’s massive value in the database of darkposts you can use for ‘inspiration’ (model successful campaigns, just like we do in FunnelAssassin.com) – make sure to use it!

#2: as it’s aimed at ‘everyone’, you’ll have to do some searching for what’s really relevant to YOU and YOUR needs (big picture: it’s more like a reference library of ‘high-leverage’ tactics and strategies anyway, rather than a step-by-step course for total beginners)

Either way, we’re getting to the point where I personally think it’s worth picking up a copy of Dark Post Profits 2.0




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