Cotton Y-Briefs: The “best” husband is ….

… an engineer.


And I’m not just making this up because I’m geekily inclined;-)geek

Apparently, when looking long-term, engineers are the most desirable partners, because they can fix stuff around the house.

And building something solid, rather than a super-attractive short-term fling is what it’s all about …

… if you’re serious about succeeding with pretty much anything, that is.

So, going forward, I’ll structure my content by

level of experience, rather than very specific topic, and
your objective … what you actually want to do with IM.

Meaning: if you’re new to this whole IM thing, you’ll get content that makes most sense when you’re new.

And as you progress, you can just hop onto another stream of content that, well, is more useful at that particular point in time.

that way you only get content that’s really relevant to you, which is more useful for you, and makes my life easier too …

All in my usual, no-BS and let’s not take ourselves too seriously style;-)

So, here are the rough ‘level of experience’and ‘objective’ groups: (in no particular order)

  1. ‘Passive Income’: From ground 0. Most people who come into IM are attracted by the notion of ‘passive’ income. And then seem to be stuck there forever.So, here we’ll be exploring what type of ‘passive’ income suits your personality best, then get you the foundations to really make it happen. Kinda the answer to “where do I get started?”
  2. Productivity‘: I personally think “time management” and “productivity training” sucks (and doesn’t work) – this is aimed at those who are ‘stuck’ and want to get ‘unstuck’. kinda if you’re asking the question: “Now What?”
  3. Paid Traffic‘ – a top favourite in the last survey. Here’s the thing: far too many people see ‘more traffic’ as the solution to their (low/no ROI) problems.Adding more traffic isn’t usually the solution. So: “Traffic goes Last”. And hence: this will be a training that makes sense AFTER you’ve got the fundamentals in place.
  4. Sales-funnels/copywriting‘: (oh, why doesn’t it start with ‘P’;-) another favourite in the last survey.Covers everything from sales-pages, landing pages, email follow up ‘n all that good stuff.May even have to do this at 2 levels, beginner and advanced.

Anyway, rule #1 of productivity is NOT to multi-task, so, which one should I create first – let me know, it’ll only take you about 7 seconds

I’ll then create the ‘winning’ content asap, starting tomorrow.

Before I sign off, here a couple of videos you may enjoy

  1. in case you’re stressed and need to calm down:
  2. in case you want to laugh off any stress: by this video Gareth sent me:
  3. in case you need to shake off any stress: (thanks Alex for the heads-up) watch this afterwards – the combo explains why I’m naturally averse to all kinds of jerky movements;-)


PS: the cotton y-briefs? Ah yes:

Ok, unlike the much sexier artist, musician or dark, brooding philosopher, the engineer wears cotton y-briefs.

Which even I have to admit doesn’t go much beyond, well, absolute zero on the ‘sexy’-meter.

However, when you think about it: how much time do you realistically spend every day getting excited about those sexy silk-undies?

And how much time do you spend being grateful for those comfy, slighlty baggy cotton-undies whilst you’re turning over the compost-heap, cutting the grass for the neighbour who has broken their leg and squeeze in a little ball-throwing practice with the boys …

Here’s the thing: solid fundamentals aren’t typically sexy.

But they keep your bits in the right place, and you can do pretty much anything you like when you wear them. And they work, no matter if it’s cold, hot, dry or wet. Heck, in the good-night stories I tell my kids, you can even use them as sails…

“Daddy, daddy another adventure of Pepper & Mint” …

last night we crash-landed on the moon after a shooting star ripped a hole into the inflated big-badda-wolf skin they’d used to fly to the moon. Using their cotton undies as sails of course….

PPS: please make sure to cast your vote here:



  1. Hey, Veit, why don’t you call #4 “Profits & Persuasion“? That’s 2 P’s for the price of one 🙂

  2. J Wilson says:

    Re “Apparently, when looking long-term, engineers are the most desirable partners, because they can fix stuff around the house.”

    That assumes women are logical, the truth of the matter is they are programmed to find partners that take care of them and the offspring.

    In this day and age that means money, which monetises their participation in the relationship and there is a word for that.

    Of course it is not their fault, we (society) program them from an early age to find a “provider” but also because we pay them to be better off by themselves with state benefits, housing and a leeching of the sperm donors blood on a regular basis.

    They do not take responsibility themselves to live within their means or work at relationships.

    It is a bit like sales, many years ago you were as good as your last months figures or else you were fired, then it changed to only being as good as your forecast and if firing you meant commissions did not have to be paid that was an incentive.

    Of course I am not saying that all women are like this, just 99.999999% of them. Sounds bitter you might say, just look around at all the divorced men and women. Couples that seemed to have the strongest relationships and they did, for a while, as long as the women could put up with their shite for the financial rewards of the lifestyle.

    I am sure women think all men are bar stewards and those men think all women are Whores, but really it is just nature.

    What has this got to do with this post? Well writing this gives me a break from being productive!!

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