The Secret To Doing

How would you like to get the ultimate, step-by-step plan for succeeding with anything?

Here it is:

Step 1: come up with your own plan.

Step 2: execute that plan.

Ok, that may seem facetious, but there’s a reason for it, and that reason is a concept called “self-efficacy“.

All that means is this:

If it’s YOUR plan, you’re likely to succeed.

If it’s someone else’s plan, you’re likely to fail.

It’s been observed that almost universally, when people come up with their own plan, and their own solutions, they are committed to the cause, and they are extremely likely to succeed.

When on the other hand they buy the answers in a pre-packaged program rather than doing the work that needs to be done to find their own answers, they are almost guaranteed to fail.

Here’s why:

People buy other people’s answer, because after all, if they‘re the expert, surely they must have the answer.

And that’s the problem: it’s their answers, not your’s!

It’s usually a case of the  expert racing away from you to the bottom of the hill along a really tricky trail, only to turn around and shout to you “see, that was easy, now you go”.

Yeah, easy for them, not easy for us!

End-result: more often than not, you end up with a nicely packaged training that doesn’t fit your unique needs.

And of course, helping you find YOUR answers is what coaching is all about.

So, turns out,

  1. Coaching IS NOT primarily about solving problems (although that’ll happen almost as a by-product). Instead,
  2. Coaching IS about empowering you to find your own answers, encouraging you to continue along your chosen path as you keep making important choices.


Now, if the classic “here’s a step-by-step plan or template” approach doesn’t work, how does coaching help you come up with your own “self-efficacy-super-charged” step-by-step plan?

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