Coaching Preconditions

What are the pre-conditions for coaching?

well, obviously you have to be coachable.

Not everybody is!

The essence of coaching is ‘absolute truth’ – even when it hurts! (and yes, we do it gently;-)

For some people it’s more important to be right, than it is to achieve their goals.

And when you’ve got that, no coach is going to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

But, more importantly, there’s one thing that ranks higher than anything else when it comes to coaching towards a successful outcome:

your TROS (Track Record Of Success) – which is the foundation upon you’re building the vehicle that’ll help you achieve your goals.

Remember the fancy “self-efficacy” – truly believing in the plan?

Far too many people are led to believe that with just enough “positive thinking, visualization and asking the Universe for help” they’ll reach their goals.

Turns out, to be lucky, you have to be receptive to luck.

To be successful, you have to be receptive to success.

And THE best way of being really receptive to success is to build upon a foundation, any foundation, as long as it’s solid.

Let’s take “making money from home” as an example:

if you’re like many people who are stuck in a dead-end corporate career, or who spent their entire working lives in a corporate environment, then you’ll have very little (to no) experience

  • selling stuff to other people
  • doing marketing
  • creating a business
  • running and growing a business
  • managing (outsourcing) teams
  • creating products
  • building (email) relationships
  • doing social media without pissing everybody off
  • and so on…

in other words: a LOT of people start with a completely blank canvas when it comes to making money from home.

And when you start with a completely blank canvas, the ONLY natural conclusion is OVERWHELM!

There’s just too much to do!

Think about it: in order to truly “get” it, you have to spend a day or two with Albrecht, just ‘doing’ the thing over and over again. And at the end of it, you aren’t even flying with the eagles yet.

And that’s just one of soooo many skills you need to acquire.

Now, turns out, most people already have many of the skills required (even if it’s not obvious to them), they are already really passionate about something, but of course they cannot see the forest for the trees.

Which once again, is where a good coach comes in:

They’ll help you figure out what assets you already have, what TROS you have, and what transferable skills you have.

That way you never ever have to start with a completely blank canvas.

Instead, you can start with the simplest possible model that requires your attention in just one area, and once you’ve mastered that, in another area, and once …. and so on.

So, are you ready for coaching?  …

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