“Forced” To Eat The Best Ice-Cream In The World!?

Imagine mousse-au-chocolat … except it’s frozen.

How about a scoop full of espresso crema? Except it’s frozen!

Truly the best ice-cream in the world.  Ever! (even beats Carters Ice-Cream from Haverhill, MA! And that is pretty dang spectacular)

And it’s kinda strange that I had to be “forced” to experience this small wonder of Italian ice-cream magic …

You see, three days ago we arrive at our hotel in the Dolomites for 3 days of solid mountainbiking.

Albrecht, the owner, immediately offers dolomites3his services as a mountainbike guide with the words “you can hire me as a guide, I can show you the really good trails”.

Mhmm, a little self-serving, but hey, he needs to make a living too.

So, thanks Albrecht, that’s very kind, but we’ve already downloaded the GPS tracks for tons of great local rides. All compiled by the leading national MTB magazine, and they’re experts, they truly know their stuff.

And off we go.

For a day of the ‘rough stuff’, including a full-on Alpine downpour which is the equivalent of riding through a waterfall.

Followed by a day of very solid riding with awesome views and some great trails.

But something is missing.

Most of the trails we find with our “expert” level downloaded GPS tracks are … mhmm … shall we say definitely not the “velvety Italian luxury” variety … they’re more like the stuff you buy by the gallon in the super-market.

dolomites5So, come day 3 we reluctancly take Albrecht up on his offer … but mostly because without him we can’t get the permits to do the famous “Sella Ronda”. And completing that one comes with serious “bragging rights”!

So, we’re kinda “forced” to hire him.

And immediately our lives are irreversibly transformed:

Even before Albrecht rewards us for our efforts with the best ice-cream in the world, every single rider in the group agrees that they’ve just had the best day of riding in their lives.


Even had we ‘sneaked in’ without the permit (which we could’ve done), even though we had the GPS track, having Albrecht as a guide made all the difference:

  • rather than blindly race through the stunning AlStunning Dolomitespine scenery, we had someone to give us the backstory which really made “Heidi”-country come to life
  •  we didn’t have to concentrate on our GPS devices, but instead could just enjoy the flow of the trails (try reading a track on a 3″ screen whilst bombing downhill at 40mph…)
  • more importantly:  riding behind Albrecht meant that all we needed to do is look out for what he is doing: when Albrecht slows down, you know you better slow down. When he lets rip, you know it’s safe to, well, let rip.

And the biggest benefit of all:

Riding behind a really experienced rider meant that we were constantly pushed towards the edge of our comfort zone:

“yes, that does look scary, but look, that’s how Albrecht does it, so it is indeed possible. Mhmm, that wasn’t that scary after all…”

(again, again, Albrecht, can we do that again…;-)

We got to *experience* that what seemed impossible, was indeed possible … not only for Albrecht, but also for us.

Over the course of the day everybody’s riding skills improved beyond recognition – all of us turned from “scared s**tless chickens” into light-footed mountain goats.

And that’s exactly what’s missing with most “training” courses, and certainly the “online” variety:

*Experiencing* that it’s safe. Not just for the guide, but also for you!

So you can do it easily and effortlessly. And actually enjoy it!

Most online training courses are like you’re given a GPS track:

“now go and ride this thing!”

Meaning you slowly crawl down the hill because you have to pay attention to that stupid 3″ screen so you don’t miss the next turn.

Plus, you simply can’t let rip because you have no idea what’s around the next corner, and nobody likes tumbling down a 1000′ mountainside.

And constantly looking at a GPS device doesn’t really help with taking in the breath-taking scenery either.

Heidi-land in action(and GPS devices certainly don’t tell you what Heidi (the older version) has been really up to in that particular mountain-hut….;-)

And worst of all: there’s noone to gently push you towards the edge of your comfort zone so you improve your skills.

Admit it: most ‘training courses’ you take online … you go through, you understand them ‘intellectually’, and you promise yourself that you’ll “do it later after you’ve gone through the whole thing”.

(yeah right…)

That’s because the “expert” bombs down the hill at their skill-level, and then shouts to you from the bottom of the hill “now you go”.

Not so Albrecht.

Always a few bike-lengths ahead of us, but no more.

So we can see what he’s doing, copy it, and learn.

Not “intellectually”, but truly “learn by doing”. The only kind of learning that makes a difference:

I can day-dream about being a world-class downhill mountainbiker all day long, but until I hit the trails and step-by-step overcome my fears and learn new skills, that’s all it is: a day dream.

so, was it self-serving of Albrecht to offer his tour-guide service?

Sure, he made good money with it, and got a massive tip on top of that. Just because it was that awesome!

But really, you can scrap the “self” in self-serving:

Best Mountainbiking Ever6 guys all had the best day of mountainbiking of their lives. Ever.

And the only thing we regret is that we didn’t hire him for the first 2 days too!

Two days of our lives ‘wasted’ on so-so trails we could’ve easily had at home. Time we simply can’t get back!

Two days of not improving our skills. Yeah, we’re extremely happy to be mountain-goats, but 2 extra days with Albrecht, we’d probably be soaring with the eagles now…

So, does it sound self-serving when I say “I can show the really good trails” when it comes to Internet Marketing?

Sure, I make good money with it, and I strive to deliver such value that I get a massive tip on top.

But really, my aim is for you to have the best *experience* of doing Internet Marketing. You know, the *doing* kind, not the “understanding intellectually”.

Stuff that changes your life … forever.

If I could, I would *force* you … so you can thank me later, just like we did with Albrecht.

Because I know that the magic happens when you *focus on the path* … not the outcome:

“outcome”-oriented trainings are the the kind where they promise “at the end of this course, you’ll have XYZ”.

Where XYZ is typically “lots of money”, “a business on autopilot”, “endless streams of prospects”, or some other push-button magic.

Except, hardly anyone ever actually gets XYZ …


Because the guide was waiting for you at the bottom of the hill…

… instead of doing what they should have done:

“play” with you *on the trail*, help you focus on and improve the only thing that really matters:

your real-world, actionable skills.

And do so whilst gently expanding your comfort zone (and being able to take in the beautiful scenery!)

Veit in the DolomitesSo, if you’re interested in being “forced” to eat the best ice-cream in the world (whilst discovering the best trails in Internet Marketing and improving your skills beyond recognition), I encourage you to get in touch here:

Click here to find out more about improving your real-world skills with Veit




  1. That experience sounds absolutely wonderful Veit. Sixty years ago (well almost 60) I told my mother I wanted plaits like Heidi. I didn’t want short ‘boy’ hair any longer. And apart from a brief moment when my mother had my long hair cut boy short when I was 10, I kept my long tresses for over 50 years. Heidi was a sort of angel to me with her lovely plaits. I’m off to look at your coaching. I’ve already learned heaps about using a story to get your point across. Thank you. 🙂

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