Coaching Assumptions


What are the basic assumptions of “coaching”?

The main 2 assumptions of coaching are these:

Assumption #1: The focus is on what you REALLY want:

from day 1, the coaching focuses on what YOU want.

Not what you may have/be invested in (yes, letting go of ‘stuff’ you’re invested in is painful).

Not what you’re led to believe you *should* be doing.

But instead: what YOU want.
Some people want more of something, like order, clarity, peace of mind, joy, simplicity, or, yes, money.

Others want less of something, like stress, financial pressure, confusion.

Nobody WANTS the actual “thing” (the online-business) – that’s just a means to an end.

All of this means is this:

The agenda comes from YOU!

The coach’s role is to help you clarify your vision, and then hold the agenda and keep steering you back to it as you keep making important decisions and you’re getting closer to your goals and dreams.

Assumption #2: You already have the answers, or you can find them!

Turns out, what most people really want is CHANGE!

Change from what appears to be a broken model, change from things that simply don’t work out for you, but seem to be working for others.

And when you’re longing for change, it’s easy to blame yourself for failing with the current model.

And even easier to buy into the idea that another step-by-step course might just be the ticket.

Which – as you’re probably experienced – is nothing but a rescue fantasy!

Truth is: you probably already have the answer, or you know where to find it.

There’s nothing wrong with you, and there’s no need to ‘fix’ you.

All that’s needed is a shift in perspective – which in most cases includes a gentle expansion of your comfort zone.

Which is where that coach who rides a bike-length or two ahead of you, but never races to the bottom without you comes in.

All of this leaves us with probably THE biggest question:

What are the pre-conditions for coaching?

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