Chicken, Eggs And A Happy Maslow

so, somehow (????;-) Alex and I get talking about one of Maslow’s fundamental (physiological)maslowspyramid needs.

Turns out, whilst I’m being shunned at the moment, …

(due to – allegedly!!! – excessive raw garlic and apple-vinegar consumption … the stuff you do to get a ‘clean’ body (19lbs lost so far in the last 3 weeks;-)),

…. Alex on the other hand, well, can’t quite explain what’s going on, … but let’s put it this way:

both Alex & Maslow are very happy people.

Both Fiona and I immediately went:

Alex, there’s only one explanation:

she’s pregnant!

(Alex is off calming down with a strong cuppa tea now…)

There’s no other explanation …

… or is there?

Well, maybe it’s Alex’ new aftershave …

… or something he said without realizing it …

… or did, without realizing it.

(we’re still sure she’s pregnant;-)

Here’s the thing:

without knowing what the reason is for certain ‘things’, you can’t replicate it.

something Lee highlights in this case-study on using paid Facebook traffic: (this will open in a separate tab)


Pay attention to what he says from about 7mins into the interview.

(oh, btw, it’s part of a pre-launch thing, so make sure to listen to this before 2pm Eastern today!)

Also, some real gold-nuggets on doing a rather novel advertising strategy.

done with FB in this case, but pretty much universally applicable.

Very, very good stuff!

Now, back to “reason for things” to happen.

Before Alex and I had our Maslow (followed by cuppa strong tea) moment, we talked about chickens and eggs.

specifically, which one comes first:

Alex’ question was:

“how can I write a pre-sell page without having picked a product to promote first?”

The reason for the question:

as we’ll be covering in our upcoming “Skeleton” training, you MUST quickly test a market with the smallest amount of effort, before eventhinking about creating a ‘squeeze-freebie’,…

… or even developing an entire funnel.

But, as Alex pointed out:

in order to TEST a market (which you do by putting a presell page out there and simply observing if you’re getting a great response), …

…surely, you need something to promote, or do you?

what’s your take?

what’s first:

pre-sell just to see if you have the problem ‘nailed’, or a product, that’s being pre-sold?


PS: go to 7mins in:

where you’ll find some great stuff on TESTING a market quickly and effectively!

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  1. Alexander says:

    You don’t need much to test a market. Unless it’s a desperately urgent market, you can give them some tips by mail after they sign up. Then you have the cahnce to gauge for ‘market-worthiness’ 🙂

    Cheers, TheOtherAlex

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