I was wrong … about Powerwords

Today I have a piece in 3 acts for you – all part of a bigger picture: Act #1: I was wrong about John Carlton’s teachings. You see, when I first encountered John Carlton’s copywriting, (bought his Kick-ass copywriting rebel guide) … what struck me was that it *appeared* to be all about power-words, ‘juicing/ampingContinue Reading »

SDA – The True Secret To Success

So, over the last few days my inbox is flooded with all kinds of “must have” offers, like yet another email autoresponder tool, another page-builder, another ecom-inspector to find the latest ‘hidden, undiscovered’ gem in the Aliexpress world, the latest this, that and the other. So, here’s my wee lil’ rant: stop dickin’ about (SDA),Continue Reading »

LetSocify Review

Here’s my review of LetSocify, along with the description of my bonus Get LetSocify Here (but before you do: make sure to clear your cookies, and on the checkout page, look for my affiliate-ID “1648” near the bottom. Look for the line “Your information will be provided to the product’s vendor upon successful completion ofContinue Reading »

How subtle signals can make a massive difference

earlier today I did a review and had to illustrate the point of how “subtle changes” can have a big impact. Here’s a short snippet that highlights the main point: The key thing here is NOT that I’m ranting or in some way dismissing what Marie Forleo is doing on here site, but instead …Continue Reading »

The Jiu-Jitsu Way of Doing Ads

so yesterday I had a fabulous conversation with a colleague of mine who teaches ‘sales’ (the nice kind, not the used-car-sales variety;-) One of the gold-nuggets I wrote down was: are you exhausted wrestling with your prospects – shouldn’t THEY be the ones who are exhausted, they are the ones with the problem after allContinue Reading »

The source of all intuition and creativity

you know how some people are “creative” or have “great intuition”, and others appear NOT to have those qualities? Well, here’s my take: Creativity and Intuition are ‘skills’ anyone can develop! The recipe is simple: look at the same problem long and hard enough – usually from as many different perspectives and angles, and yourContinue Reading »

The stupidity of Black Fridaylarization

So yesterday, Drayton Bird (whose work I greatly admire), sends out an email with the subject line: “Why Black Friday is for idiots” Certainly got my attention, so I checked it out, and it’s basically about the fact that people jump onto a bandwagon without really thinking about what they’re doing (and the only reasonContinue Reading »

How To Write Emails That Connect

ok, ok, this should probably be “create content/do marketing that connects”, but as the case-study is comparing 2 emails, well, you get the idea:

Exploitative Sales-BS

a quick case-study where they get the ‘attraction/attention grabbing’ part right, then then mess up (as usual) by using exploitative sales-BS in the actual selling part. let me know what you think & leave a comment below!

WP Chatbot coming soon

seems ‘chatbots’ and anything remotely ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are big time ‘in’ at the moment (according to Alex;-), so what a lucky coincidence my programmer has just finished (well, 98% of it, then I’ll get out the hot pokers and busy myself breaking it;-) our in-house ‘chat-bot’ plugin for WP. I originally saw this as aContinue Reading »

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