Case-Study: The Magic You can do with an “engaged” audience.

Ever wondered what difference in response rate you can get from an ‘engaged’ audience on Facebook?

And if the effects may actually go way beyond just “getting a high CTR” to your offers?

Well, the other day I was talking to AJ, who is responsible for ad-buys in our company.

And he told me this:

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Here’s the transcript:


You’re right, not brilliant marketing but there’s loads of traffic in that space, that’s easy to do.


Basically I want to do 2 things.

First of all I want to approach those who want to lose weight with “Here’s a really cool method…” and I’m truly excited about it because I’ve done it, and it is mind blowing.

The other thing is, I want to hit the MLM guys, anyone who is in BizOpp.


Do you use Facebook LeadJacker or Facesniper’s (the one I use). Let me send you a non-affiliate link. Facesniper is absolutely amazing. It works-


Yeah I’ve heard about them.


This one’s a bit different in that most work just at the UID level, so they are browser level tools that will scrape, they’ll open up a group and you need to leave your group and you need to leave that page open and then it will just harvest all the UIDs of everyone in that group, which can take forever.

What Facesniper does It does 2 things differently.

One, it uses the ad API where possible to grab extra data, so you grab emails and things like that.

Second is that, what it does rather than grabbing everyone in a group which has some value, what they do is they track over the last 7 days or 30 days and they track the active members in a group and you just grab those, so it means you’re targeting a smaller subset of the group, but arguably those are more relevant because they … You want the most active people in a particular group… Especially a weight loss or an MLM thing. But if you want to check it out, give me, when you’ve got time, email me the ….

And suddenly, it clicked!

Check out these stats from a recent custom-audience promotion we ran on Facebook, one with, one without Facesniper support

This is for a particular custom audience – in this case with a general ‘common interest’: (click on the image to see a larger view)

The key take-away here. For this newsfeed ad which we ran on Facebook, we had a CTR (click-through-rate) of 3.6%. (you can see the actual campaign by clicking here)

with general audiences you'll get a low CTR

Alright, so here’s what happend after we then only targeted the truly ‘engaged’ of that same custom audience

As you can see, the CTR goes up to a sweet 13.992%.

Almost the same number of clicks, for pretty much the same budget. (from about ‘only’ 10% of the original audience)

Ok, the overall “click to site” cost was a little higher (how dare all those people LIKE the post and comment on it;-), but you get the idea:

Get yourself a highly engaged audience with a tool like Facesniper, and you get almost the same kind of ‘action’ out of that tiny pool.

Use of Facesniper increases CTR massively because you're truly targeting the highly engaged

 So, what’s the upshot of using mostly ‘highly engaged’ custom audiences?

Well, there are a couple of things to consider:

  1. the thing you don’t see in the stats above is the overall ROI … (and believe you me, on this campaign, there is a strong correlation between CTR and overall value of that click;-)
  2. SEO … as you know, ‘social signals’ now play a very important role in search-engine optimization. And the signals you’re getting from that highly engaged audiences are, well, let’s say “very SEO friendly”;-)
  3. on ‘branding’ we still need to look at the bigger picture:
    1. With the highly engaged audiences, it’s pretty clear-cut: as long as you deliver great content, people will love it, and will love YOU for it as a result.
    2. With the more general audiences, you could argue that any exposure is good exposure (as in: you’re raising awareness). However, there’s also the risk that you quickly become ‘irrelevant’ to the ‘general’ audience, so even if later on, you put a highly relevant piece of content in front of them, they’ll ignore it, because mentally they’ve already labelled you as “irrelevant”.

however, on this last point, we still need to look at the overall stats over a longer period of time before we can make a definitive statement.

for now, using only the ‘highly engaged’ parts of an audience definitely gives you great results, (assuming you’re delivering great content), and it supports your branding & SEO efforts.

What’s there not to like about it?

Try it, and share your results below!


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  1. The last few weeks there was so much negativity with Custom Audiences that FB will shut down your account – I was too afraid to test it. I did not create any Custom Audiences before (stupid me). What do you think – what are the chances of getting banned?

    • Hey Alex,

      well, there’s custom audience, and there’s custom audience.

      a) any visitor to your site you capture … well, they’re in a ‘custom audience’.

      but, I’m guessing you’re referring to ‘scraping’ groups etc, right?

      Well, the big hoopla was all about this:

      if you now go out and scrape a group of 35 year old unmarried ladies, and put an ad in front of them that says “35 and still not married?”, well, that’s going to freak them out.

      and ‘freaking out’ is NOT what FB calls a “positive user experience”.

      So, the main reason for the whole CA ‘upset’ was that people were doing exactly that: talking to ONE person.

      and as a result, people got upset.

      and complained.

      and when there are enough complaints, FB has to look.

      So, look at my FB post: provides value. People LIKEd it, they commented on it, they shared it. Didn’t even have to ask.

      As long as you provide value, in a form that fits the FB ‘consumption’ model, you’re ‘fine’ (and I’m saying this from a practical point of view. Theoretically of course, thou shalt not scrape anything….)


      • Yes, I was referring to scraping custom audiences. I use one of the regular scraping tools and will try out a custom audience. Maybe I give Facesniper a tryout as well.

        And of course we are on the same line – no BS just meaty stuff. 🙂

        I will also include your recommendations on what kind of content to link to from FB. Really curious what this will change in CTRs and costs.

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