[Case-Study] The 80-20 Principle Of Internet Marketing

Here’s a case-study of a launch “gone wrong” and what you can learn from it for your own marketing

This truly is the 80-20 principle (more like 95-5…) in action: what to focus all your efforts on when marketing ANYTHING.

Resources Mentioned In The Video

Click here to check out the optin-form tool Stakk
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IconLead (opens in a new tab)

Let me know what you think of the 95-5 message! Agree? Disagree?




  1. Keith Heeres says:

    Hi Veit,

    Nice post and video today. I appreciate your honest assessment of various products that hit the market. I purchased IconLead after your review. I will be putting it to use very soon. Your emails are ones that I always read and save and I usually always check out what your current post is about. Keep up the honesty. That is what I believe a lot of us jaded IM’rs are looking for.



  2. Have to agree. I looked at Stakk and thought “Didn’t I just buy ProfitBuilder” – basically this seems to do the same kind of stuff – why not put some effort into ProfitBuilder instead of launching yet another similar product. You really don’t want to (and probably can’t) use all those things at the same time. Yep, I know it’s all to make more money – but I’m passing on Stakk.

    • well, they’re not quite the same … Stakk is ‘squeeze-page’ oriented (click-button), and ProfitBuilder (which sadly it turns out I cannot use as it ‘destroys’ my conversion-split-testing code…;-( is more ‘entire landing pages’.

      but hey, now I have Justin who hand-crafts landing pages old-school style in HTML for me;-)



  3. Hi, Veit!

    Very informative video. I’ve (fortunately) have some more successful launches than that one, but also a couple exactly like that one.

    I’m not sure I completely agree with you, though.

    I’ve seen some products being launched and succeeding (meaning, one of these +1000 sales in JVZoo) that are nothing but hype, and they are very similar in concept and topic (and traffic to offer match) to much better products that only sold a handful of copies a few days before.

    I think that the product is vital, but I also think that having a great salespage, being known in the marketplace, and having some big affiliates lined up to mail massively as soon as you launch, can make a big difference, even for the same combination of product + audience.

    You could even do an experiment: launch two almost identical products, one as “Veit Schenk” using your personal brand, loyal subscribers list, your existing JVs and your contacts to back the launch, and the other one using a pen name with a fresh JVZoo account, no list and no affiliate promos agreed upon in advance. I’m sure you’d see a difference in sales, conversions and EPCs 🙂

    Of course, you’ve earned your right to lauch successful products with your hard, consistent and honest work, and I’m just sligthly jealous LOL; what I’m trying to point out is that, for a newbie, the best product in the world alone doesn’t make the cut, or at least he has it much harder to achieve the same results.

    • Hey Mikel,

      well, look at the “bigger picture” of traffic:

      traffic that’s ‘pre-warmed’ (quite possibly with the help of a giant bonus package) is very different from traffic that’s only receiving a ‘hey, check this out’ email … although that may be exactly the same subscriber on 2 different lists.

      and just to clarify: the main point of the video is that the OFFER is a great match, NOT (necessarily) the PRODUCT!

      (sadly, as you rightly point out), there’s a HUGE difference!



  4. Hello Veit,

    You´re completely right about the offer to the right audience. The tiny, tiny problem is to find both:-)

    • lol, the ‘tiny tiny’ … actually, finding EITHER of them is super-easy (I can point you to great offers all day long, and traffic is to be had everywhere) … the ‘tiny tiny’ problem is indeed finding the right match.

      Now, the good news is: (as scary as it sounds) ANYONE can test their way to a great traffic-to-offer-match (TOM). Seriously – ANYONE! No particular skills required, as long as you’re willing to fail fast and don’t get married to your ‘fabulous ideas’, you’re golden

      As Walt Bayliss told me the other day: go to any Internet marketing seminar and ask: “who here is doing 7 figures+?” Then ask: “who here is split-testing and optimizing?”

      Without fail, you’ll see the same set of hands…


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