[CASE-STUDY] From $0 to $20k/client in 15 months

This started out as a case-study about one of Kevin’s coaching students who went from $0 to $20k/client selling high-end done-for-you marketing-services, but quickly turned into a masterclass on creating profitable online marketing funnels.

Some of the things we covered:

  1. The only 2 ‘traffic-elements’ you’ll ever need (and how you can pretty much say good-bye to high-end sales if you don’t do it)
  2. The 2 best ways for creating trust right off the bat
  3. The importance of the ‘entry-point’ to your funnel (and how most people mess that up)
  4. the huge impact ‘timing’ and timeliness has on the long-term performance of a funnel
  5. the by far most underutilized resource in any funnel (it’s right in front of you – look out for the ‘red’ elements towards the end of the case-study)

… plus plenty more.

Grab a pen & paper and make sure to take notes – this is a real case-study, in the real world, with real results to the tune of $20k/client, so well worth modeling:

Click here if you’d like to find out more about the live event

what are your biggest insights?

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Veit & Kevin



  1. Veit and Kevin,
    Great information. I never fail to learn something valuable from listening to what either of you have to say about marketing.
    I understand more now than ever that the content you add on your blogs serves multiple purposes, so thanks for the kick in the ass to get back to the content marketing I have been mostly ignoring.
    Never directly thought about the cost per customer except when doing a traditional IM style launch. I’ve always hated the prospect of paying 50% or more of a products cost for affiliate traffic.
    Will be trying to “Introduce” products to the market with a twist on the Launch Scarcity Model where after an introductory period the price points will be lowered a small amount, ie a $17 product will sell for $14.97 etc.
    Any thoughts?

    • Stephen, not sure I’m following: what would be the appeal to buy at launch-price if later on the price is lower?

      ok, in the ‘real’ world that’s the case for many things … but usually only once something ‘better’ has come out (the iPhone 7 … couldn’t possibly use the iPhone 6 for anything but opening bottles of beer, so it has to come down in price)

      or am I mis-understanding completely?


      • After launch price point would be higher number, not the lower. I only want to charge a few dollars say $2 to $5 more after the launch. I’ve noticed that many of the “Gurus” like Alex Jeffreys sometimes never close their offers. They just take off the timer, and sell it at that price forever.

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