Business Lesson From Fog

So, for the last 3 days we’re sitting in dense fog.

doesn’t lift for one minute.

frozen at night, dense and grey during the day.


so I decide to grab my mountain-bike and see if I can’t find some sunshine … to the top of the local hill there’s an elevation gain of around 3000′, so *surely* the fog can’t go that high.

And, le voila, around 5mins into the ride and no more than 300′ of elevation gain I’m looking at this:


turns out, the fog *just* about covers the church-spire, that’s it!

Now, granted, the view at the top was even more spectacular:

click on the image for a larger view

click on the image for a larger view

Now, what has all this got to do with Internet marketing you may ask.

Well, simple:

it took me 3 days go get my arse into gear and get onto that bike.


Because it’s a dang long slog up that hill.

and it’s certainly not very motivating being stuck in that grey soup.

If only I’d known that the sunshine is only about 300 feet above me.

less than 5 mins of cycling.

basically, 1 step away.

But, I was so stuck in the grey soup, so ‘afraid’ of the long hard cycle up the hill (with the snow in the forest it was actually quite hard;-), that I simply didn’t move.

Sound familiar?

Fear not, if you set your sights on finding just a little bit more sunshine (and forget about necessarily climbing all the way to the top), you’ll probably find it just around the corner!




  1. Veit, that is such a motivating thought. And so good to hear the celebration at the end for such little work (even though it seemed like a mountain beforehand!). Good lesson in life. Thank you.

  2. Thankyou Veit,

    Your post came just at the right time for me.

    It’s been a murky, lost in the wilderness, kind of week for me and your photos are refreshing.



  3. As a cyclist myself, I know that sometimes the more you think about a situation..the less likely you are to act. Wife to Husband…why are you going training tonight, it’s dark,cold and windy. Husband to wife…because I have to. A positive side to OCD :).
    I think this relates to your previous posts on finding your passion…when you are passionate about something, the will I or won’t I conversation in your head happens far less often.
    And, yes, the beauty of a hilltop is far greater when having cycled to the top, and then your further reward is the downhill run!!

  4. Great message, and just where I’m at. Jumping on the bike. Thanks!

  5. Hi Veit
    Like the previous comments I agree that your post offers a great lesson to all of us. And wow you do live in a beautiful part of the world!.
    Thank you for sharing.

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