Burning The Porridge

Hey there,

so this morning I wake up to the fine smell of a burning house. Well, almost.burning the porridge

It was only burnt porridge, that got so hot that when Fiona rushed the smoking pan out of the house, it left a trail of porridge-lava that was bubbling out from the pan – even with the lid on.

I finally understand why you can basically tear down your entire house once you’ve had a fire in it, even when the substance of the house is intact, the smell is just everywhere.

It was a bit unfair for this happen whilst I was asleep (yes, Fiona is one of those ridiculousearly-risers, totally unnatural), so my comment “I told you multi-tasking is bad for you” can only attributed to my sleepiness – normally not even I am that stupid…

anyway, did my daily scan of my inbox and of course I’m being bombarded by tons of offers, ranging from Kindle courses to increase your blood-flow in strategic areas.

Now, here’s the thing:

most marketers promote one thing today, and then tomorrow something totally different is THE best thing since sliced bread.

and yes, when you have a ‘mixed’ list, it’s difficult to please everyone, but of course, it’s not impossible. (with the help of a little technical wizardry;-)

However, the one big secret to achieving anything is, well, to stop multi-tasking;-) and focus on just making porridge. (seriously, I was really sleepy when I said that…)

Ok, kidding aside, forget about “productivity” ‘n all that, there is something magical that happens when you focus on just one thing.

and one area is of course my (and your inbox):

getting messages about Kindle one day and blood-flow enhancing pills the next pretty much leads to one thing: interest and engagement goes

and of course, what we want is the opposite:

engagement going up!

Why? So I know what’s going on, where you may be stuck and where you need help.

So, without much further ado: if you’re interested in getting even more useful messages from me, how about you tell me what the #1 thing is where you’d get the most leverage IF you had great tips, tricks and recommendations around that topic:


you’re not committing to anything, it’s just to get a feel for what type of information would serve YOU best.

Now, getting back to porridge and the power of focusing on 1 thing:

I’m personally focusing ALL my energy on one topic (which is on that list above) – but I’ll tell you tomorrow which one it is, simply because I don’t want to influence your choice.

For any other subject, rather than me pretend I know it all, what I’ll do is to find people who are world-class experts in those areas (expect to hear from people you’ve never heard before, simply because they’re not in the IM crowd – which incidentally I believe is a good thing;-)






  1. Vei I got tired of all those promotional messages every day. I usually deleted them unopened. Yesterday I decided to unsubscribe from most of them. So today I was expecting a much smaller inbox. Nope, there were all the marketers who didn’t send me an offer yesterday plus the ones I unsubscribed from seem to have just moved me to a different list! My inbox was terrible! Ah well, back to unsubscribing again over the weekend. I only read the ones I know won’t contain the newest blue widget. 🙂

    • Hey Kathy,

      you highlight an important point: there are far too many people who somehow ‘stumble’ into having a list (like e.g. by falling for the “you can create a WSO in 4h and launch it today” craze about a year ago.

      And now, they have no idea what to talk to the people on their new list about.

      This is not meant to be “bah, there I told you”, but it’s a common problem, even in real business:

      you find yourself with the contact details of all of those who bought your stuff (or requested the free report) and now what? The “now what” is one of the biggest questions I get all the time.

      The simple solution is of course to ask (which very few people do), but of course, when you don’t have engagement, very few people will tell you what’s on their mind.

      Classic Catch-22 …

      of course you can (and should;-) use some of the magic I alluded to in my email that sent you here … more on that probably next week


  2. Kathy, the mistake you made was to unsubscribe, better to go create a Yahoo account and change your subscription. Many marketers “reseed” new lists by consolidating backups taken daily from one autoresponder to another company.

    When you subscribe use a disposable domain e.g. krob.us or krob.biz which will cost you $4, subscribe with their name, then if you start getting messages addressed to them but from someone else you know they shared their list or got hacked.

    For some kwap you can just subscribe directly with a yahoo account that you rarely open. I have over 50,000 emails in just one of my yahoo accounts, I separate the ones that go to the spam box and keep them so that I can see what get caught as spam other than the usual.

    Make a point of changing your subscriptions to all (except Veit of Course) all 48 hours for changes to take effect. Create a folder named after the yahoo account (e.g. KRMAIL01@yahoo.com) and move the unsubsribed mail to that folder, then if you receive mail from anyone in that folder you have a record of your change of subscription so you then report the message to Spamcop. All you do is copy the mail header, click forward on the message, paste the header, then copy both header and the message, then paste into Spamcop report spam.

    Spamcop is run by Citrix, it is THE most effective way to get rid of spammers because it identifies the true source of the message and creates abuse messages to the link providers as well.

    It shows you the report before you confirm it is spam.

    It even shuts down the blackhat boys because they get bored with having to recreate their acccounts.

    I now have a list of marketers who share and reseed lists, I buy nothing from them.

    Veit gets to stay on my primary mail, not because I real all his email (some are just too long) but because he shares an addiction to coffee. I was actually “clean” for 3 years but now I am back on the stuff.

    Clearing your inbox allows better focus, you can still dip in to those Yahoo accounts, I do once a month to clean up.

    You are never going to really miss anything because it is better to buy something when you really need it and there will always be a better version down the road or a free version on WordPress or an explanation of knowledge on YouTube or someone’s blog.

    • ha, looks like we’re going to have to run an “anti-spam-setup” workshop with you!

      thanks for the detailed instructions – and just for the record, it’s the espressos that make me write those long emails;-)


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