SDA – The True Secret To Success

So, over the last few days my inbox is flooded with all kinds of “must have” offers, like yet another email autoresponder tool, another page-builder, another ecom-inspector to find the latest ‘hidden, undiscovered’ gem in the Aliexpress world, the latest this, that and the other. So, here’s my wee lil’ rant: stop dickin’ about (SDA),Continue Reading »

LetSocify Review

Here’s my review of LetSocify, along with the description of my bonus Get LetSocify Here (but before you do: make sure to clear your cookies, and on the checkout page, look for my affiliate-ID “1648” near the bottom. Look for the line “Your information will be provided to the product’s vendor upon successful completion ofContinue Reading »

How subtle signals can make a massive difference

earlier today I did a review and had to illustrate the point of how “subtle changes” can have a big impact. Here’s a short snippet that highlights the main point: The key thing here is NOT that I’m ranting or in some way dismissing what Marie Forleo is doing on here site, but instead …Continue Reading »

The Jiu-Jitsu Way of Doing Ads

so yesterday I had a fabulous conversation with a colleague of mine who teaches ‘sales’ (the nice kind, not the used-car-sales variety;-) One of the gold-nuggets I wrote down was: are you exhausted wrestling with your prospects – shouldn’t THEY be the ones who are exhausted, they are the ones with the problem after allContinue Reading »

The source of all intuition and creativity

you know how some people are “creative” or have “great intuition”, and others appear NOT to have those qualities? Well, here’s my take: Creativity and Intuition are ‘skills’ anyone can develop! The recipe is simple: look at the same problem long and hard enough – usually from as many different perspectives and angles, and yourContinue Reading »

The stupidity of Black Fridaylarization

So yesterday, Drayton Bird (whose work I greatly admire), sends out an email with the subject line: “Why Black Friday is for idiots” Certainly got my attention, so I checked it out, and it’s basically about the fact that people jump onto a bandwagon without really thinking about what they’re doing (and the only reasonContinue Reading »

How To Write Emails That Connect

ok, ok, this should probably be “create content/do marketing that connects”, but as the case-study is comparing 2 emails, well, you get the idea:

Exploitative Sales-BS

a quick case-study where they get the ‘attraction/attention grabbing’ part right, then then mess up (as usual) by using exploitative sales-BS in the actual selling part. let me know what you think & leave a comment below!

WP Chatbot coming soon

seems ‘chatbots’ and anything remotely ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are big time ‘in’ at the moment (according to Alex;-), so what a lucky coincidence my programmer has just finished (well, 98% of it, then I’ll get out the hot pokers and busy myself breaking it;-) our in-house ‘chat-bot’ plugin for WP. I originally saw this as aContinue Reading »


as I was doodling in my journal this morning (ok, about 147 seconds ago) on the topic of ‘educational marketing & selling’, it suddenly hit me like lightning: one of THE biggest reasons why so many people struggle to sell stuff online is … well, there’s a problem with the ‘SELLING’ part. And the nextContinue Reading »

The quickest way to increase your success exponentially

so this last Sunday my son Finn and I did a mountain-bike ride around the northern part of the “Sundgau” area near Mulhouse and it reminded me of an important life-lesson I learned a few years ago on a mountain-bike trip in the Dolomites: you see, a group of about 10 of us had goneContinue Reading »

The Guru Teaching Fallacy – Why most ‘big box’ courses fail.

today I have an important distinction for you that’ll help you choose the right courses for your own education, create better ‘courses’ when teaching others, and focus on the one thing where YOU get the most leverage (out of your time and effort) … and at the end, you’ll find a quick announcement of myContinue Reading »

My biggest ‘mistakes’ from 9 years of doing ‘online marketing’

this is the stuff where I wish I could travel back in time, and tell myself NOT to do it… and no, it’s not the obvious ones (like “you should build a list”), but goes much deeper than that. Yes, it’s 27-odd minutes, so an ‘investment’ of time, but I’m pretty confident, you’ll get aContinue Reading »

How to know what you’re good at

Two main lessons for you today: 1) how (NOT) to figure out what your market really wants, and 2) PO1: the power of one. (yeah, very cryptic, just watch the video;-) and no ;-(, there’s no link as promised in the video – at the moment I’m winding down for the summer holidays (plenty ofContinue Reading »

Webinar Training Ground

here is a ‘mixed bag of marketing goodies for the weekend’: a) good news about FB organic reach: you keep hearing left, right and centre that FB’s organic reach is declining badly, and pretty much the only way to reach your audience is through paid ads. Mhmm, just posted something 2 days ago on oneContinue Reading »

Review of WP Funnel Metrics

Today I’m looking at WP Funnel Metrics – a plugin that gives you a quick overview over how your ‘sales-funnels’ are working. It’s really designed to be used with paid products (although you can set the revenue to $0 for any page/post that’s not generating revenue, like an optin page) … … however, I wantContinue Reading »

musty toes, rat-hunting, and BBQs

hehe, challenge to self is to write an outrageous headline, then come up with a marketing email that makes sense. Here we go;-) The Musty Toes is easy as there are 2 reason for writing about them: a) the corporate world has far too much “toeing the line” (and as a result nothing ever getsContinue Reading »

Great example of how to do “video-marketing” right

outstanding example of “how to do a sales-video” case-study for you: (it’s a guitar-video, so not me talking, but you’ll see a whole bunch of examples of ‘how to do it right’:) (also has a whole bunch of snafus in it, but even with those in it, it’s full of ‘marketing-goodness’;-) Leave a comment below:Continue Reading »

Rhubarb to the rescue

ever had cooked rhubarb? Lovely stuff! … unless you forget to cook it with sugar! Not much fun! Furry teeth, curled up tongue and clenched butt-cheeks. Which is exactly the same experience I just had when I reviewed “mailX“: the anticipation of an awesome replacement for the monthly Aweber + ActiveCampaign charges was quickly replacedContinue Reading »

Where 99% of Business Owners Go Wrong

Download the PDF version of this post as you may know, I spent last weekend in Mallorca at a high-end mastermind. if you’re on Kevin Fahey’s list, you’ll have read his summary: “And what a blast it was. The most informative and entertaining week I’ve ever experienced since starting my online career” I’ll second that.Continue Reading »

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