Between Bruised And Battered

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  1. Matthew Newnham says:

    Great video, Veit, thanks – couldn’t agree more.

    Here’s a great book, recommended to me several years ago, on that very concept of path, and how one man’s path in Akido taught him that valuable lesson. It’s called ‘Mastery’, by George Leonard:

    As a lifelong distance runner, you might think that getting the result in athletics is what really matters. Well, in some respects that may be true, but Sebastian Coe, one of the greatest middle distance runners of all time, achieved so much by a relentless series of careful experiments in pursuit of becoming the finest runner possible. And he broke all those world records and won his medals as a RESULT.

    Great distinction. Subtle, but very, very powerful…

  2. Bruce Arnold says:


    Really good video… I feel your pain. I went down on a motorcycle when I was in my 20’s, and did the “slide for life”. It seemed to go on forever. It caused a VERY painful result, with problems such as my left hip being too painful to use the clutch on my Volkswagen.

    It’s good to see you upbeat about the whole thing. That’s a lesson in itself. Also, the fact that there is no magical “one way to do marketing” is so true. Testing is so important, and it’s good to be reminded of it often.

    Here’s to a quick healing!

  3. Hey Veit, that looks painful. Hope you heal quickly!

    As to your lesson about not focusing on the outcome, it seems Akido must be very much like Buddhist meditation. In Buddhist meditation it is the practice that matters, there is no right or wrong, no outcome to achieve, it’s just a matter of sitting in meditation which basically just means focus on your breathing and notice how thoughts come and go but don’t focus on the thoughts just let them go. It’s all about watching your mind and realizing what a wild monkey it is, never wanting to settle down. What you find after learning to watch your thoughts come and go is that a) most of the thoughts are unnecessary, just “noise”; and b) after you begin to realize this your mind does begin to settle down both in meditation and out of meditation.

    Okay so there’s the Buddhist meditation lesson for the day. LOL. Once I started it was hard to draw it to a conclusion and I guess the only conclusion is that yes, being in the moment and on the path is what it is about, not “getting there”.

  4. Great video Veit:) And a good message for me to hear right now as I am at the point of launching everything. I will add though, that the process should be more or less the right one ie there should be at least signs of success along the way, maybe not the 6 figures and the huge launches, but some sign that it meets a need or it has resonance somewhere. So paying attention 🙂 and reading the signs right are critical to tweaking the process to get it optimum.

    As with everything, that has been the trickiest part, to figure out, out of all the things out there what would work and most importantly, be most natural to me.

    It’s good to see common sense advice 😀 I also really like this “I’d rather connect with you because you WANT to, not because of some damn bribe!” My sentiments exactly 🙂

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