Ask Cool Dave Anything About FBA

Alrighty, “FBA Fasttrack is live”

… however, you may have some questions for him!

  • about FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) in general
  • whether ‘doing’ FBA is the right model for you
  • about FBA Fasttrack specifically

whatever your question, here’s your chance to ask it:

Register for the webinar, and make sure to leave your question(s) in the ‘question box’ on this registration page:

Click here to register for the webinar where we answer all your FBA questions

Note: on the call we want to get “to the point”.

For this:

Step 1: go to the FBA Fasttrack page first (click here to see it), and READ THROUGH the comments! Dave has already answered a TON of questions!

Step 2: Ask YOUR biggest question in the question box on the webinar page! That way we can sort through the questions first, put them into ‘groups’ and that way answer them as efficiently as possible on the call!

PRIORITY will be given to the questions asked in the question-box on the signup-page!

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