Are you hungry enough? The #1 difference between those who succeed and those who don’t!

hope you had a fabulous weekend – mine was spent ‘chained to the stove’ …. Fiona’s birthday, so I was on “cake, cinnabon, more cake (never mind 3.7 gazillion espressos), and then dinner for the entire party”-duty….
(lol, everyone is going ‘poor Veit’, whilst I was having a whale of a time swinging pots ‘n pans and slow-cooking a fine roast;-)
Well, if that didn’t get you hungry, I hope this huge lesson does;-)

2014 is coming to an end.

… a suprise to most, only a handful come ‘prepared’
And sadly, a large proportion of those who come unprepared, will also be dissatisfied with what they have achieved in 2014.
And promise themselves to do better in 2015.
Now, the typical “I’ll do better” categories are:
  • get fit(ter)
  • relax (destress)
  • travel (more)
  • learn something new
  • be more productive
  • end 2015 fully satisfied with life and prepared for 2016
(subtle hint: you can make a LOT of money in any of those markets at “New Years Resolutions” time;-)

Anyway, I feel blessed that I know/hang out/am friends with a lot of true entrepreneurs.

And one of them the guy behind Planet X bikes:
They build up that company out of nothing in a few short years.
Now, I remember hanging out at his (rather impressive) house in Sheffield a few years ago.
And here’s the thing:
he’s a totally NORMAL guy.
with totally NORMAL kids. (toys all over the place…)
and a NORMAL wife.
Only his TV and video games were ever so slightly (erm…ABNORMALLY HUGE) ahead of what everybody else had…
Sooooo, what’s the difference?
What makes this guy build a super-successful REAL business, whereas others are struggling their entire lives?
The ONLY difference (and this is the “pay attention, especially if you want to truly make 2015 DIFFERENT!”) is this:
these ‘NORMAL’ guys are willing & able to push the boundaries of their comfort zones just that little bit further!
In other words: they are willing & able to tolerate a slightly (and I mean that: SLIGHTLY) higher level of FEAR!
We ALL are afraid of change!
Starts at the youngest age (babies do NOT like change!) …
… and gets even worse from about 50 years old onwards (“…. we don’t like change, we even have a political party for us non-changers”;-)
Ok, kidding aside:
there’s a very good reason for being very suspicious of change:
it’s all got to do with how our brains are hardwired:

part of your brain is the ‘reptile brain’ … the ancient core which is hard-wired to make you ‘survive’:

…. good ol’ fight-or-flight.
And this part does NOT LIKE CHANGE!
This part of the brain has the classic “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude
(because you may well fall off the edge of the world trying to fix something that’s perfectly fine to begin with)
The problem is of course that what your brain-stem thinks is “perfectly fine” ….
…. is often enough NOT perfectly fine!
It does NOT align with your ambitions, your desires, your hopes & dreams. (they all happen higher up in the brain)
Here’s the even bigger problem:
you can’t even change the responses of that part of the brain, it’s all ‘programmed once and for all’.
So, does that mean you’re stuffed?
Are the Mr and Mrs Planet X’s of this world are blessed with Super-hero “I’m invincible” adventurous brain-stems?
Not at all!
The only ‘difference’ is that Mr and Mrs Planet X have figured out a way of pushing that boundary every so slightly on a consistent basis …
… without scaring the brain-stem too much.
It’s NOT (and you’ll LOVE this;-):
  • superior education
  • ‘secret’ knowledge you don’t have
  • outstanding natural talent
  • access to technology you don’t have
  • startup funding
  • false/true beliefs
  • ….
The ONE AND ONLY true differentiator is the “willingness and ability” to push that ‘fear boundary’ every so slightly more than the vast majority of the population.
And as most are too busy sharing motivational quotes on Facebook (instead of DOING something) and killing their brains with day-time TV, …
… it’s not actually that hard to find the point where you’re pushing ‘ever so slightly harder’ than 99% of the rest of the world!
Are you hungry enough?browniesRock
If you are:
I did cover a lot of “how to do that” in my BareKnuckleProductivity course a few years back, so if there’s enough interest, I’ll dig out some of the relevant sections and make them available to you.
none of it is comfortable reading/viewing/DOING!
but it’ll make a huge difference if you’re willing to take action!
leave a comment below and let me know if you’re interested/what you think!


  1. Hi Veit,

    Thanks for the post. I needed the reminder to help get me out of the comfort zone. And I’d love to go through the Bare Knuckle Productivity lessons again.

  2. Yes please.. am really really ‘STARVING’ to figure a way of breaking out of my fear-zone !

    • John,

      ha, ‘STARVING’ sounds like a terrific acronym for something really cool …. just gotta figure out what it is

      unfortunately it has 8 letters, and nobody likes 8-step processes….;-)

      and yes, let’s kick fear in the backside (actually, it’s rather the opposite, it’s not about confronting fear at all….)


  3. Hey Veit,

    released my first product this year and well, this was not just a little bit outside my comfort zone. It was a huge step for me. My sales video took me 38 takes and it still felt weird (although people loved it). 🙂

    Next products on their way and love having taken this (for me) big bold step.


    PS: Would love to hear more about that gold that you offered to dig for us. 🙂

    • I would love to start earning money online I’ve been trying for over five years.
      I was told I will be out of a job by END of May 2015.
      Now is is the time to get serious.

      • Sheldon,

        whilst this is a terrific ‘starter package’ (the pressure of having to get something going), it can also be a great hindrance …. being ‘forced’ to do something almost never leads to long-term motivation, plus – if the pressure gets too high it forces your brain to look for ‘quick fixes’ … which then quickly lead to ‘shiny-object addiction’ … no longer being able to focus on one thing long enough to make it work

        and that’s exactly what Online marketing really is about: making one thing work, and only then move to the next.

        but, what I have in mind certainly is at a ‘weeks’, not ‘months’ or even ‘years’ scale (all in line with not kicking fear in the backside;-), so should fit your End of May 2015 timeline


      • Sheldon, I completely understand how you feel – but one good advice from my side:

        Do not try to resell PLR crap!

        I was approached by a guy to review his product and pitch it to my list. After my very polite review I asked him to not release a product with 54 traffic sources but focus on maybe three and explain in which situation those three would work best. Then he told me plainly that this is a PLR product and he will release it anyway. Boy was I pissed off by this attitude. But after his “launch” I was very pleased. He got one sale LOL. And I assume that was him testing out if the PayPal connection works.

        Take your time to provide value and offer this. Look up Veit´s LAT recommendation article (the not so subtle hint is: look at the SuperList product by AJ).

        • Alex, wise words, thank you!

          but: kinda highlights the dilemma a lot of people find themselves in:

          no prior experience creating a product, no prior experience selling a product, and boom, there’s someone telling you that you’re getting ‘EVERYTHING’: product, sales-letter, all inclusive… and before you know it you need to get yourself another external harddrive to store all that PLR stuff you bought and never managed to sell…

          just as a side-note, PLR isn’t by ‘nature’ bad … it’s just that most PLR is ‘made for PLR’, rather than starting with the thought of having a great product, and letting a few people rebrand/label it…


    • haha, I raise you 217 takes of “Hello my name is Veit Schenk” …. until I felt comfortable saying it on live camera;-)


  4. Yes Veit you are so right. Fear of change is a killer. I was in your Bareknuckle program but couldn’t get past the reptilian ball and chain and still struggle with it daily. A refresher of that material would be very much welcomed.

    • Hey Jeff,

      fortunately, things have moved on a lot since then … BKP, as insightful as it was, somehow neglected the ‘self-efficacy’ (and the implementation thereof) aspect of it all.



  5. Would love to see some of the BKP stuff, please 🙂
    Stumbled on some bits on the WF once, thought it looked very interesting!


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