Are you an ‘unwitting’ spammer?

So, here’s to what’s possible and what’s not:


Si gets banned by Mandrill … for possibly spamming. Unwittingly.


So, this is what Si sends me today: (this is part of a long email exchange which started when Si asked me about IMSC Rapid Mailer a while ago)


Just FYI I connected to Mandrill BUT got this message 2 hours later :

This account has been disabled. Unfortunately we cannot support sending for this account because of the domain blocking and reputation issues that can arise for our IPs and domains.

Mandrill uses a variety of heuristics to determine account reputation and hourly quota. Because of the complexity of the system, it’s generally not possible to identify a single reason for an account’s reputation or shut down.

Once an account is shut down, it can’t be re-enabled. Additional accounts for the same individual, company, or organization, or to send substantially similar content are prohibited under the Mandrill Terms:



my response:

what did you send out?


It was a free download – no opt-in. Sent to around 400 emails


and this was to people who knew you? You had their permission to send email to them?


No 🙂 But I doubt many would complain about a free download ?


well, apparently enough did to piss off Mandrill!
now, here’s the thing:

Google is using various metrics of ‘engagement’ with emails to figure out which ones are spam and which ones are ‘real’.

it’s quite feasible they send a ‘hey, I think this is spam’ signal to places like Mandrill.

and of course, if you sent stuff people didn’t request and didn’t recognize, it’s quite feasible it quickly got labelled as ‘spam’, simply because people didn’t engage with it.


Thanks for the heads up !Trying Sendgrid next – sent a test – no problemHave a great w/e


make sure to build up trust very slowly!
when you’re new, they kill you off very quickly if there are any signs of ‘spam-trouble’…

have a great weekend

Mushabab and the “Custom Audience” dilemma

Although on the surface a very different question, it’s really the same thing:

Mushabab asks me this today:

Hi Veit

Quick questions about Dark Post Profits (or any other FB training for that matter).

How much of it is based on Custom audiences? How deeply do they cover targeting using interests and behaviours?

The reason I ask is because my head is splitting on whether to use CAs or not. The right side of my brain is telling me to stop worrying and use it while the left side is telling not to go anywhere near it. (Or is it the other way round. Sheesh, you see what I mean?)

Its a question of whether I use CAs and churn and burn and die (atleast die after making some money) or use interests and test and test and throw a lot of money at it hoping something clicks. (Pardon the pun!)

What say you, my friend?

my answer:

I know exactly what “dilemma” you’re talking about.
well, just to clarify: you are probably thinking of “custom audiences” as UIDs that were *scraped* from groups or pages or the graph-search.

(because ‘custom audiences’ goes way beyond that…)

Chris Record simply says it like this: “we’re all grown-ups here, so you need to make up your mind”.

However, the examples he is showing all use standard interests, no scraping going on.

… and then he uses additional parameters to dial it down/into the hot-responders.
Don Wilson covers both: pure ‘interests’ and custom audiences. And when it comes to ‘scraped UIDs’ – he says ‘NO’.

The end.
basically what both are saying is this:

build a solid base around your chosen niche (a good fan-page) because you’ll be rewarded handsomely by Facebook with the right and cheap traffic.

Don has a whole module on getting page ‘likes’ and building groups just for that purpose.

and Chris obviously has the ‘bridge marketing’ approach, but also has “Penny Click Profits” as a standalone course specifically for creating that base, so you can benefit from the organic traffic (and the fact that a custom audience from a group or page you own is of course legal;-)

hope this helps


In today’s climate, it’s easy to be labelled a ‘spammer’ even when you don’t think you are, or you have the best intentions.

Did Si think he was spamming?

No, he was just sending out great content for free.

However, for some reason or another, his messages got labelled ‘spam’, and boom, that’s the end of his Mandrill days.

Mushabab is contemplating using CAs… in the sense of ‘scraped UIDs’ … and that too can very easily be the end of your FB days (even when you’ve got the best interest of your target audience at heart)



PS: Facebook could make the whole ‘custom audience’ debate go away if only they’d introduce an ‘AND’ operator, not just the stupid ‘OR’ operator.


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  1. Being the simple soul I am I must ask what you think made FB avoid the ‘and’ part of the ‘custom audience’ process.
    Cheers Phil Tozer

    • Phil,

      now, there’s a VERY good question!

      they have it in graph-search, so the technical side is taken care of.

      the only thing I can think of is that they’re worried marketers will once again go “too personal” … because when that happens people start to realize how much of their privacy they’re giving away.

      There was a really interesting article (unfortunately in German) about a lady in the US who did not want the whole world to know about her pregnancy (because as soon as marketers find out you’re pregnant, they go bonkers…)

      in the end she was treated like a criminal because she ended up having to use so many ‘evasive’ maneuvers (like using Tor to email her friends & family so Google wouldn’t harvest the word “pregnant”, using shop-bought gift-cards to shop on Amazon so they couldn’t cross-reference the credit-card with ‘baby-purchases’ and so on)

      ah well…


  2. So Penny Clicks Profits is also $100, which means that to make the Facebook thing work as a whole,

    I need to invest $200 total…maybe

    Will you give an opinion on the Penny Clicks Program please, Veit?

    • Wai Kei,

      I will … in a couple of days.

      and yes, after going through Dark Post Profits and most of Don Wilson’s FB Ads Cracked Reloaded, the lightbulb really went off in my head:

      if you want cheap clicks, and wide distribution, you must have a solid social presence.

      I kept hearing from all kinds of gurus that you don’t need to do any social, you simply use it as an advertising platform.

      and that’s true.

      but, if you’d like to cut your advertising spend significantly (you remember the little experiment I did the other day where I doubled the CTR and as a consequence halved the ad-spend? – based on that same principle!), then you MUST have a social presence with real engagement.

      in a way that’s a nice ‘dilemma’ to be in, because you obviously also have the great ‘side-effects’ of really engaging with your audience (and hence figuring out what they really want), plus you have SEO benefits, you can use the ‘proof’ to impress JV partners & advertisers … the list goes on.

      so, yes, in the next few days I’ll definitely review (and use;-) Penny Click Profits!

  3. Mushabab says:

    Yaay! I have been featured! As seen on Veit’s site. lol
    Thanks for being so approachable.

    • haha, it’s a pleasure!

      now, all I need is a cool-looking logo, and then people can start using it alongside “featured on CNN, ABC, NBC…”;-)



  4. Hi Veit –

    People go on about FB Graph-Search, but I can’t even see what they seem to be able to see using the Search bar in FB? I don’t think its even here yet in UK, is it?


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