And yet another epic FB powereditor fail

This can only be described as ‘classic’;-)

here’s the big picture:

Facebook wants to make money off their advertisers. I’m ok with that.

So, they typically give your normal posts as little organic distribution as possible.

So you pay for more advertising.

Like I said: it’s ok, that’s their business model. Noone is forcing me to advertise on Facebook.

Now, paid ads and organic posts have some sort of ‘symbiotic’ relationship:

if something is PROVEN to be attractive to FB users (meaning: they don’t complain about it, or, even better: they like it, and interact with it), then 2 things happen:

  1. You get MORE organic distribution (as it should be: it clearly is a valuable and popular piece of content)
  2. you get cheaper clicks.

Now, as you don’t want to TEST a ton of organic posts just to figure out which one has great potential for going viral (you’d just bore your audience with dumping all those test-posts on them,meaning they interact even less, meaning you get even less organic distribution), here’s what you do instead:

Your first create a dark-post (meaning: your post is only visible as an ad, and does not get published in your time-line).

Then – only when you get great CTRs, likes, comments & shares on your ad – then you know you’ve got a winner, and you publish that very same ad to your page.

As you can see in this image – the top post has already been published (there’s no more “half-moon” symbol on the left indicating it is a ‘dark post’.)

The one below it is a dark-post, and I could publish it to our Facebook-page   by clicking on the “Publish Post” button at the top.


And then, in theory, your already popular ad will now get massive (viral) traffic, just because it’s getting wide-spread organic distribution, and everybody goes bonkers about it.

or so you would think.

Well, it may … but …. once again, the monkeys, the spanners, … the joy ….:






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