An uncomfortable business truth

I did the bonus 30min summary of DMB for all DMB buyers today (uploading, I’ll email you once it’s up), but here’s an insight I want to share with everyone because it’s so important:

far too many people who get into IM, or offline consulting, or whatever dream your pursuing online, fall into the trap of focusing all their efforts on the marketing side.

What you really need to focus on is on how to run a business, on a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month basis.


Because there’s no point picking up any step-by-step business system for, well, you guessed it, making money online or getting offline clients when you have no idea how to RUN that system.

Yes, ouch, but at the same time a big thanks to Marc for making it so explicit.



PS: this may or may not interest you, I thought it was cool, so I ordered a copy – it’s a book (yes, a real book, although not very big) by Frank Kern and the content looks tempting enough to fork out the $5.60 in s&h:

Click here to get a copy of Frank’s book

I obviously haven’t read it yet (the Amazon-drones aren’t just here yet), but it looks to be well aligned with what I suggested above:beer-194174_640

keep it simple, focus on the business fundamentals and you’re all set.

PPS: lovely example of ‘swipe-file’ in action! For a pint of Budvar, who can point to the originator of the expression “crawling across broken glass” Frank uses in that sales-letter?

PPPS: I *LOVE* their theme, and layout of that page! Yum, yum!

What do you think?

oh: PPPPPPPPPPS: obviously, you don’t just buy Frank’s book, read it and go “oh, nice”. You bloomin’ well study every single bit of marketing they do along the way. Yes, Frank probably is a nice guy, but, he also heeds the lessons above and markets like a big boy! Learn from it!


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