Ever enjoyed reading the ‘instruction manual’ for an appliance made in China?


“We help homeowners get your prospects like craft compelling message said, “Tell me more.””

Even if you could guess what the correct individual words are, it still wouldn’t make much sense, right?


Because the grammar is completely wrong.grammar

Whoever wrote the instruction manual, took the rules of their own language, then filled that structure with words from another language.

And that’s how most business-owners do their marketing:

They take their own rules, their own way of thinking, their own perspective, and then fill in the words they think the other person wants to hear.


A message that’s so compelling to your prospects, it 很可能會成為在中國 (at least that’s what Google Translate tells me “might as well be in Chinese” is)

You see, unfortunately, most marketers never manage to figure out the one and only thing that matters:



Only when you understand the rules of how your prospects make buying decisions, will you ever be able to put a marketing message in front of them that doesn’t set off their “Marketing-BS”-meter, but instead gets them to say:


And that’s what the OnlineRule is about:

help you discover the Rules Of Marketing, or – in the non-jibberish version of the quote above:

We help business owners like you craft compelling messages that get your prospects to say “Tell Me More”


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