A Single Shift 1-on-1


Hi there,

congrats on checking out the “A Single Shift” Training!

I can guarantee, this simple, single ‘shift’ will produce massive results for you!

As you’ve signed up for the 1-on-1 consultation, please send me an email with the subject line “a single shift 1-on-1 consultation” to replytoveit@googlemail.com!

We’ll then arrange your time-slot!

So, keeping the ‘simple’ concept going, no fancy membership site, just straight-to-the-point information.

In the form of a series of videos:

Now, as not everyone has super-high-bandwidth Internet, rather than installing all the videos here on this page, here are the links straight to Youtube.

Note, these are UNLISTED links, and they’re UNLISTED as it’s a PAID product.

Please keep these links to yourself!

Here they are – simply watch them in this order:

The foundation: you *MUST* watch this to understand the rest


The Application To Lead Generation:


The Application To “Sales-Funnels” & Follow-Up Marketing


The Application To “Making and Offer (and hopefully making the sale)”


The “Sneaky, You’ve Been Tricked” Part;-)

Make sure to go through the previous videos, otherwise this will NOT make sense!


And Finally, the case-study



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