A couple of important (Internet) Marketing lessons

Hey there,

here’s some ‘behind the scenes’ look over my shoulder with a bit of feedback and a marketing lesson or two thrown in for good measure.

The “free WSO club”

Got great feedback regarding the “free WSO club” idea.

And when I say “great” – I mean: great in the sense of useful. It wasn’t all “yeah, jump up ‘n down”, but there were some harsh words too.

Some people were saying it’s a total contradiction to what I’m doing with “no yuck marketing” and I shouldn’t go anywhere near WSOs or lead people in that direction.

So, here’s the clarification:

Personally, I don’t think that WSOs as the core monetization methods are a good business model.

However, they are great for doing lead generation and testing offers.

Because there are great people on the WF, and with the right products and offers you can attract them!

Also, if we do what I suggested (build reciprocity with the big list owners, then get to mail for our ‘jointly created product’), then the match of traffic (WF based) to offer (WSO) is PERFECT.

That alone is a HUGE marketing lesson:

If you don’t have a good match of traffic to offer, in most cases your campaign will sink.
WF and WSOs are a great match.

So, to address the bigger issue: why even suggest the WSO model as it so contradicts the “no yuck marketing” approach?

(at least when you look at the vast majority of WSOs)

Here’s why:

there are quite a few newbies who are completely overwhelmed “by it all”.

A WSO is an awesome opportunity (IMO) to ‘learn the ropes’.

If you look at video #2 of the “no yuck marketing” series, you’ll see that all you need is

  1. Traffic – that’s taken care of as others will mail for us
  2. Offer – super-easy to research as we already know what converts on the WF
  3. Product – again, easy to research the “WANTS”, then create a product around it.

All in all, (IMO) a great opportunity to learn quickly, then move forward and apply what you’ve learned to ‘a real business’.

There were however quite a few concerns that after the initial enthusiasm, there will be very few people actually doing the work.

And having seen many a “mastermind” group fall apart very quickly, I have to agree with this.

So, here’s what I’m going to do:

if you’re into the “free WSO club” idea, go to this page and put your name on the list. Initially, all we do is jointly select offers, then, if there’s enough momentum, we’ll tackle the whole “product development cycle”.

If you’re already working on something, don’t get distracted by this! This is for people who want to get their hands dirty in a safe environment and build up some experience and momentum.

Having said that, there were quite a few comments that suggested that we have a smaller group with paid membership where we help each other in different ways – and that’s something I’m definitely considering! There were many great suggestions, so I’ll assemble all of them into one document, then send that out to you.

The “No Yuck Marketing” Video #2

Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed that when marketers report on progress, it’s always super-awesome.

(actually, that’s even something that’s taught in product launch formula;-)

Anyway, me having a slight “lying through my teeth deficiency”, am a little disappointed by the feedback I got to the video.

But, after my dear 6-year old “inner child” got over the “but I put so much effort into it, how come they don’t like it?”, well, I’m asking for feedback:

Why didn’t you leave feedback under the video? Tons of people signed up for the homework, but I don’t even need half a hand to count the comments. Compared to the dozens of comments in response to the first video, that’s, mhmm, a cause for concern?

Anyway: was it too complicated? Too confusing? Too long? Too abstract? Too ….?

How could I make it better?

The idea behind the video was to create something that helps you get a clear picture of how you’re going to structure your business and the marketing around it.

What’s the message you were getting (and yes, I’ve got my flame-proof suit on and a box of tissues at the ready;-)

Now, incidentally, this is another HUGE marketing lesson from the trenches:

most people do not like feedback (because it hurts in many cases) and prefer to bury their head in the sand.

If you’re an “offliner”, read that previous sentence again!

Then go out and try to get your clients or prospects to do a survey of THEIR customers, and especially ex-customers to find out why they’re leaving or have left. Ouch, that’s king-sized Kleenex terrain, and very few business owners are willing to do it!

Lesson #3: Not everyone wants to build a business

I know, that’s just plain crazy! But hey, ok, some people want to do a more ‘passive’ thing and use affiliate marketing as their main monetization model.

I quickly recorded a very short video here: http://guruclone.onlinerule.com/2000-a-month/the-2000-secret which shows you the very basic 3 points of doing this.

It’s NOT for those who want to build their own business centered around a product or a service, instead it’s “affiliate marketing” oriented.

If you want the extended version of that presentation, make sure to enter your name in the list on that page.

alrighty, that’s it for today, let me know what you think




  1. Jillian P says:

    Hi Veit, just went to the put your name on the list page, but I don’t see anywhere to do it, am I being obtuse??
    Didn’t want to buy the original offer because I have a teeny bit of an issue with the seller, but I like the idea in general.

    To be involved do we have to take you up on every WSO selected?
    Bit too didtracting for me if so 🙁

    BTW, not speaking for anybody else but the second video was just a bit less thought provoking, a little more “uhuh” than “AHAH!” Solid tho’ it was! 🙂

  2. Should we comment here on the video or go back to the second video and leave the feedback there?

    What would you prefer Veit?

  3. Hi, Veit!

    I, too, am confused as to how to “put [my] name on the list” ???

    Also, the 2nd video was more “OK, I know that …”

    Didn’t leave that kind of comment, because it’s not constructive & a tad negative

    I suggest that you identify a few very succinct topics and make them each into their own succinct video. Short, short, short

    This will force you to get to the point and stay on point

  4. I know I am “late” with comments, regardless:

    Thanks for the Free WSO Club, after your refund I had the experience of wondering where PayPal placed the money and how I could do anything with it (first funds ever coming In!). Yes I logged into PayPal, so got a little tour. Actually after the second WSO refund I noticed PayPal applied it to a different purchase (as they had the first…). Surprise! And fun. I should get more Incoming, and get a debit card.

    About Video#2 – If you intended the length to be a test, or part of rejection marketing, well ah, now I have seen it twice. You could take that video as is and break it up into at least 2 segments. Both of us could have used a breather? Or it could be 4 segments: being Intro, “P”, “O”, “T” plus?? IPOT+

    Yet perhaps if you had planned it to be shorter segments, you might have been more focused in each, and the total time would be less? Just saying, in hindsight. Actually the lessons and points made are well presented and worth the time. With one problem: not giving your presentation 80% of my attention, after 14 or so minutes I had the thought that gee, I already forgotten what the “T” stood for and your discussion of that. Hmmm. Now I realize you meant start with PSP, for our POT of Money. Easier than finding the end of rainbows?

    Most manufacturers have product lines with a Top Model. You are presenting a TOP Model of IM (how to stand above the yuck).

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