6-figure sales-funnels?

6-figure-sales-funnelNo doubt, your inbox has already been hammered with the Todd Brown “6 figure sales-funnel” launch-videos.

So far, I’m personally (*) a little underwhelmed.

The gist of launch video #1 is this:

hey, your problem is NOT the lack of traffic.

Your problem is not having a sales-funnel that spits out more $ than you pay for the traffic that goes into the funnel.

There’s also a very WRONG assumption in the video!

Look out for the piece where he says:

“hey, if you had system where you put $1 in and you get $2 out, how often would you put $1 in?”

That part is correct (of course you would do it as often as you can).

What comes after that, is plain wrong!

(can you spot the incorrect assumption?)

Anyway, this took you a whole lot less time to consume than watching 15mins of launch-video, right?

Hence, my slight underwhelm.


For someone who is completely new to the idea of developing sales-funnels that spit out more $ than you put in (which is THE big secret of making paid advertising work), the content is probably worth consuming (but watch out for the incorrect assumption;-)

So, what I’d like to hear from you is:

What do YOU think?

Have you watched the video? (it’s here: https://mcp.infusionsoft.com/go/6fff1/eleuth/)

Was it a new concept for you?

Did you find it worthwhile?

Share your thoughts and leave a comment below!




  1. Yea… the idea to squeeze as much money as you can out of your customers is Just “GREAT”.

    If the preselling is done properly. as explained in autorespondermadness, I don´t believe a “perfect funnel” is that important.

    With a price-tag around $500, I´m not sure I´ll need this.

    But many will probably say I´m wrong…

    You will fail… you will struggle… you will fear the worst without it.

    Maybe i´m just tired of the hype surrounding those self-proclaimed gürooz.

    Grüß Gott


    • Anders, interesting point the “squeeze as much”.

      It’s something I was thinking about yesterday: really the objective should be to solve as many problems as possible for your clients, and provide as much value as possible.

      I’m not talking about the personal development type of “providing massive value” (and the Universe will reward you), but instead: doing proper marketing.

      Figuring out where else you can help your clients, where they’d get a ‘massive’ ROI and they’d be foolish not to take you up on your offer.

      So, I guess as with every tool, you can use it in any way you like … for “squeezing” or for providing value (aka: marketing;)

      btw, I think the price-tag will be $297


      PS: btw, autorespondermadness is on a ‘Andre Birthday special’ for until midnight Friday!: http://mvlc.in/Dtb52

      • Alexander says:

        DId Andre sell the course to MindValley? Wondered about the whole site, the payment linkts, everything.
        Looks like ha either prepares the next version or enjoys some free time with his family 😉

        Cheers, Alex
        BTW: didn’t watch the vid, so I didn’t get the shortcut from your blog post. But as you know, I am working a very differetn field…

  2. I’m tempted to say “Nothing to see here, move along …”

    But I realize Todd’s information could be valuable to some, and of course it was just the first video to judge by.

    I think most newbies know this stuff fairly quickly into the game, though. I think the real problem most have is simply being willing to put themselves out there and risk others thinking them a fool. That, and some of the technical stuff. But that technical know how comes as much from putting one’s self out there as anything else.

    I remember something I read once, that Winston Churchill, when asked the secret to success, said it was to “move from one failure to the next without any loss of enthusiasm.”

    It’s a tall order, but that’s how most of us learn, not by being told what to do, but by actually doing it, i.e., trying this and that and the other thing and not giving up and not worrying about looking like a fool.

    Unfortunately, only a few are willing to do it, and those who aren’t don’t ever get the experience and confidence required.

    • Alexander says:

      Nassim Taleb calls putting yourself out in a “winner takes all” market ‘tinker with reality’ This is where you can gain much with limited risk exposure.

      All this should be backed by a safe foundation – a profession where demand is inelastic to price. (mostly utilities like food, transport, health, housing).

      Cheers, Alex

  3. My simple take is you just left me money to invest in more mistakes… with the rare exception of time invested here!!!… 😉 Cheers Phil Tozer

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