6 Figure Funnel Formula Review

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  1. Is this just for product owners and does it cover traffic for driving to the funnels…..like people who make great content sites but don’tknow how to drive traffic to it.

    • Brian,

      this is ideal for product owners or creators … BUT: when you think about it: creating a freebie you give away in exchange for an email address is at some level a ‘product’.

      Let me put it this way: if your intention is to simply drive traffic at offers (traffic arbitrage), then 6fff is of no use to you.

      but, if you’re looking to create some value (e.g. in the form of education, helping your prospects make a great choice, etc) in between ‘cold traffic’ and making a purchase, then yes, 6fff is great.

      The fundamental principle is this:

      create a super-targeted entry into a funnel. Thus attracting people who are truly ‘into’ what you’ve got there. The backend sale, whether it’s your own product or someone else’s is then MUCH, much easier.

      Having said that, the biggest indicator as to whether someone will become a customer is their previous ‘buying’ record.

      And that’s why in 6fff, Todd covers the ‘trip-wire’ offer: as in: is this a freebie seeker, or someone who is willing to put a fistful of dollars down and show real intent (in solving their problem).

      And for that it obviously makes sense that you have something to offer. (aka: a product;-)

      As for traffic: no, that’s not part of 6fff.

      Also: not sure what you mean by ‘great content sites’, but I’m assuming that you have a site that would really engage people IF only they’d see it.

      Well, 6fff is different in that respect: it’s all about putting a (or multiple) seriously ‘juicy’ offers on your great content site, so your visitors get drawn into your funnel. Engagement with great content is all very well, but at the end of the day, you’re in this to make money.

      and that’s where 6fff comes in.

      Having said that, the traffic question gave me a great idea (so thanks for that) – early-to-mid April I’m doing a “traffic” program which helps you figure out which traffic sources are great for you (and which ones you’re led to believe you ‘should’ be doing, but really they’re not a good fit for you).

      So, what I’ll do is add this program as a bonus, so the traffic angle is taken care of

      any other question, just let me know



  2. Thanks for detailed reply. Yeah it seemed oriented around product owners who control the whole transaction process. I don’t have my own product but seems good how it focuses 9th sales psychology and marketing rather having the fanciest landing page graphics or silly doodads like countdown timers or exit pops

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