50 $1997 clients from FB in 50 days

here’s a conversation with Marc Milburn of http://marcmilburn.com/ who recently launched a program called Digital Millionaire Bootcamp.

The idea behind the project is to set up a solid foundation anyone can implement to build up to a level of $10k/mo.

But, what got me excited even more is how Marc originally sold the program to 50 clients in 50 days using only Facebook timeline posts.

At $1997 a pop!

In the conversation we cover things like

  • how to do that Facebook only launch (turns out, there really is no ‘magic’ involved – which confirms nicely our observation from yesterday: The Truth About Internet Marketing)
  • how to figure out what the market really wanted
  • how to sell the product without having created anything
  • how to then create the product to meet the clients’ real needs
  • what to do with your buyers whilst they’re waiting for the content to be delivered!

more importantly, there were some HUGE insights, including

  • the reality of doing Internet Marketing ‘hands-off’/passive-income style (as in: keep dreaming)
  • the fact that you can NOT do this without ever talking to other people
  • that the main obstacle to success is neither technology, nor knowledge or lack thereof, but instead something else entirely
  • – above everything else – the fact that most people completely overcomplicate this whole thing and it’s in fact a LOT easier than you think!

either way, it was a stonking good chat with lots of actionable and very motivating content!


Until Tuesday midnight BST, if you get Digital Millionaire Bootcamp, you’ll also get a copy of our exclusive “lean startup” training that’ll help you with that ‘try fast and constantly improve’ approach Marc shares in the call and of course DMB;-) – simply submit your receipt to replytoveit AT googlemail DOT com.



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