5 “Sales-Psychology Lessons” that’ll super-charge your online (and offline) sales


alright, in Q&A style, 5 “Sales-Psychology Lessons” that’ll super-charge your online (and offline) sales.

This whole thing is wrapped around a case-study of a recent launch (Traffic Mice) and the whole ‘hoopla-marketing’ around it.

So, first the case-study, then the 5 lessons


Here we go:

Q: Veit, why didn’t you promote Traffic Mice?

… especially when everybody else is pushing this thing like it’s made of super-rare tender lamb-roast and bubbly gin & tonic!

A: because most people don’t need it.

ask yourself this:

woah, now I have all this traffic, WHAT DO YOU DO NOW?

Will your life change for the better?

For most people, sadly, the answer is NOT more traffic. It’s conversions!

And that’s NOT what traffic mice is about.

Q: Veit, why did you include your JVZoo link for Traffic Mice?

A: because some people WANT Traffic Mice.

And they’ve even asked me for my JVZoo link.

(and I have the emails to back that up;-)

Well, here it is – use at your own risk;-)

well, and there’s a 2nd reason which shall become apparent in a few short seconds;-)

Q: What should I do instead?

A: glad you asked!

Get THIS instead!

Do it now!

Q: What is this thing you insist I get?

A: List-building training.

With a twist!

2h of content that’ll change your mind.

and – if you follow the L.A.T. model – your life!

I’ll go ‘blind-bullet’ here on purpose, but, they’ve hit the nail on the head:

Most people – especially in the IM industry – do L.T. … and THAT right there, is the main reason they fail!

You MUST do L.A.T!

Which incidentally also answers your question:

but what niche should I go into?

all taken care of here:


Let me put it another way:

most people think they have to “go it alone”

“I have to create an offer”

“I have to build a list”

“I have to write the emails”

Truth is – and I really want you to go through the list-building training with this in mind:

by FAR the easiest and most profitable way of doing this “IM-thing” is …

… to think and act as a PUBLISHER!

Get it now!

Q: can I get a bonus?

A: lol, I’m including a ‘bonus’ on purpose …

… because of the ‘traffic mice’ lesson we’re about to cover

So, here’s what I’m going to do for you – a bonus that’ll get you into “action-mode”:

go through the list-building training.

And when you get to the point where you think:

“alright, but what niche should I do this in?”


“what kind of content could I publish”


“ok, but what specifically could I give away to get people onto my list”

you send me an email (replytoveit at googlemail dot com, remember to include your JVZoo receipt), you describe the obstacle you’re facing, and I will give you a personalized, 100% from me answer with my insights and suggestions!

Heck, if you have that question right now and you want an answer, you could just get the course, and send me the receipt along with your question!

It’s the cheapest 1-on-1 consulting you’ll ever get from me;-)

Q: case-study? What should we learn from the Traffic Mice launch?

A: sales-psychology, and stuff people WANT

Alrighty, there are actually 5 lessons you can use in ALL your marketing:

Sales-Psychology Lesson #1

Here’s a short description of what you’re getting with traffic Mice (and I’m quoting)

Here’s what you’re getting with Traffic Mice:
– Premium ROI-Based keyword research technology (seriously, no other software in the market has ROI-Based research technology)
– Competitor Isolation technology (this is what you need to pin them down and outrank them)
– Lethal “HUMAN-ACCURACY” Content Writing technology
– Burned Pipes Advanced Promotion & Ranking system
– Sleek UI for Easy Campaign Access & Management
– Video based rank tracking machine


People want cool s**t. And they want to have cool names for said cool s**t.

“Competitor Isolation Technology”


who cares!

sounds s**t-hot!

I WANT it!

Lesson: Name your stuff. And prospects will LOVE you for it!

Sales-Psychology Lesson #2

Traffic Mice involves about 17 steps … hoops to jump through … and they all have individual buttons in the software.

As odd as it sounds …

… and this directly opposes EVERYTHING people SAY …

People admire “complex” stuff!

Wow, this must be awesome, look, it does all these 17 steps.

In almost ALL cases in real life …

K.I.S.S beats complicated … in terms of results and ROI.

But, for your prospects:

You SAY it’s easy … in fact it’s PUSH-BUTTON easy …

but only because you’ve tamed the beast of super-duper complexity!

Want proof how people overcomplicate EVERYTHING?

Here’s an example Chris of Newsfeed Fire sent out just a few hours ago:


K.I.S.S is what gets you results!

But it’s NOT what people REALLY WANT!

They WANT something that LOOKS hard and complicated, and then – as if by magic – it’s push-button simple and easy!

Sales-Psychology Lesson #3

Ok, this is an extension of Lesson #2:

if you can find SOME way of presenting your offer as “software”, make it happen!

(incidentally, in case you’re wondering: use all of these tips when going through the list-building training I mentioned earlier!)

Should be obvious, right?

Make it sound super-complicated, then present the solution … in form of software.

That’s when people really start valuing what you’ve got!

(just to illustrate the point:

a buddy of mine has built a membership site where 6000+ members pay him $21 a WEEK (yes, per week) to be part of the tribe.

and it’s all been done by giving away SOFTWARE!)

Sales-Psychology Lesson #4

if you have something that is ultimately of little use to most people, and they will simply stick it in a box and hide it under the bed …

.. then, you MUST do 2 things:

  1. it must be easy to put back in the box and hide under the bed. (Easy if it’s electronic!)
  2. you MUST use scarcity & any other high-pressure sales-tactics you can think of (including insane bonuses that make no sense whatsoever but have apparent ‘massive’ value).

if not, people will wake up to the fact that the thing you’ve got, is, er, of no use and will not buy it (or return it)

Ok, this may sound a little ‘evil’, but I hope I get the point across:

as much as I hate it … sales-psychology … especially “scarcity” and “time-pressure” are EXTREMELY powerful concepts …

… so in some sense you ‘have’ to use them (because it’s just a ‘hardwired’ mechanism … and if you don’t use it, you will simply NOT get people’s attention) (ok, ok, we can debate that point, but ‘across the board’, it’s true)

… so please, PLEASE make sure, you use it to sell stuff to people who can actually benefit from your stuff!

Sales-Psychology Lesson #5

Well, let’s turn this into a Q&A, shall we:

Q: Veit, why the heck did you mention tender roast lamb and bubbly Gin & Tonics at the beginning of this post?

A: well, let’s ask Bob

So, Bob gave me some feedback (which I asked for, so double thumbs up to Bob)



a) yes, I’m working on the ‘ramblings’. Sometimes I get sooo excited about tender lamb, well …

b) Bob does not like lamb.

Well, maybe he does, but he’s pointing out that some people may not like lamb.

Here’s the point that kinda wraps up the whole story of “list-building”, “list-nurturing” and selling stuff with or without sales-psychology:

probably THE most important thing of all is this:

You MUST be authentic.

Be yourself!

And you will attract those who naturally like your stuff.

Here’s why that is so important:

the moment you start trying to “please everyone” …

… you WILL no longer enjoy what you’re doing!

You’re constantly on the ‘defensive’, trying to remember what you can write and what you cannot.


the whole point of “marketing” and “sales-psychology”

is NOT to “hit people over the head”,

but instead to

“give them an opportunity to convince themselves that doing business with YOU is going to be a pleasant and profitable experience”.

(and when you do that, you start building a “Super-List” <– Get it Now!)


So, whilst I’m ok with someone eating vegetables (I was ‘vegetarian for about 8 years of my life), don’t expect any “BBQ’d Portabello mushrooms” recipe from me in a hurry: fast forward to 22min10 secs in this video, and you’ll know what I mean:



  1. Traffic mice. Lol dumb name. I Google JV info and it’s from that guy who was banned from warrior for selling software that doesn’t work and isn’t supported. Only software I’ve bought in last year was that crappy video vantage.

    anyways interesting post

    • Hey Brian!

      well, you may think it’s a dumb name.

      But, THOUSANDS of others think it’s brilliant. So brilliant that they are happy to hand over … well, whatever the current price is.

      That’s the point I was trying to make in the post: give your products NAMES that stand out!

      Check out the fine example on page 38 of The Elements Of Style (illustrated) on how the ‘specific’, the ‘vivid and particular’ stands out …. and “Traffic Mice” certainly does that.

      as for the lack of support and lack of functionality, that is another story altogether…;-)


  2. Wow, 3 upsells. He is certainly a guy to emulate

    • Hey Wai,

      it’s quite interesting … there are quite a few people who ‘object’ to Alex’s tactics.

      “hey, he’s too ‘high-pressure'”, “hey, he’s putting all these OTOs in my way” and so on.

      Now, I’m not saying this applies to you, but in general, I have a feeling that a lot of people ‘feel uncomfortable selling’
      (lol, actually, that’s a fact … there’s some research showing that really only 10% of the population are 100% comfortable ‘selling’)

      … and because they feel uncomfortable (and probably insecure, unsure about their own ability to sell), Alex’ style really ‘highlights’ this pain-point for them.

      But, rather than go “hey, I don’t like what he’s doing” and thus re-emphasizing that “all selling is BAD”, it might be worth havin a look at what specifically Alex is doing you don’t like, and what specifically your own attitude to selling is.

      As I’ve highlighted in my now ‘infamous’ Salty Droid post (without any effort on my part, that post still attracts some serious search-engine traffic to this day….;-), your job as a marketer is NOT to cross your arms and go “ah, I don’t like being sold to”, …

      … but instead to ask yourself: “what is it X is doing I don’t like … and why don’t I like it.”

      And then run a TEST to see if your audience feels the same way!

      Here’s the thing:

      Alex does TEST these things.

      and his TESTING shows him one thing:

      when he puts 3 OTOs in his funnel, the overall lifetime value (LTV) of his visitors goes UP.

      And ultimately, that’s what counts!

      Ask yourself this: are you running your online business as a charity? Or as a business?

      So, …. personally, I think Alex’ style is “brash” … and I also know it’s highly successful at getting a high ROI.

      worth looking at. In my opinion.

      I’m not saying you have to copy it, or emulate it, but certainly worth looking at (and always asking: do I not like it because of some ‘beliefs’ I hold about selling (which I’ve never tested) or do I not like it because the market tells me it doesn’t like it (and they vote by not whipping out their credit cards)



  3. Veit, awesome post – and those sales psychology items are priceless! 🙂 Looking forward to your response on my ONE BIG QUESTION. And I will sure implement at least the first three of your tidbits into my revamped program.

    @Wai: Actually I find it hard to relate to AJ and his sales methods (awful high pressure scarcity/overwhelm tactics to get you into “personal” coaching program once you sign up to his programs) but I have to admit that those tiny programs he releases to get new people into his funnel are much more worth than the 10 bucks he charges.

    • Alex, yes, I’m 100% with you … (and I guess this is an extension of my reply to Wai)

      *personally* I’m not a big fan of the “high end coaching” programs offered not only by AJ, but many other ‘gurus’ in the IM space.

      Maybe I’m too much of a real coach (as in: ask questions to figure out what people REALLY struggle with) to put on a ‘pseudo-group coaching’ program.

      Having said that:

      there is a HUGE group of people out there who value such group-‘coaching’ offers enough to hand over $5k and more in a heart-beat.

      So, just like I said to Wai: at the end of the day, there are 2 parts to the equation:

      1) whatever sales-approach I’m looking at, do I not like it because of my beliefs, or because my target market TELLS me (by buying or not buying from me) that it doesn’t like it. Always remember: it’s about your target audience, not you.

      2) do I *WANT* to use a particular approach? And here we have to go beyond “do I like it”. This to me (personally) translates into:
      am I attracting the right kind of customers with a particular sales-approach.

      And ‘right’ to me is people I can help.

      Where I know they have a fighting chance to take what I share with them and actually implement it and get results.

      Personally, I tell anyone who enquires about personal coaching that if they have no idea what it is they want, and they just want to “make money online”, then, er, no, my coaching isn’t a good fit. If on the other hand you have a very specific goal, but you’re not clear how to get there and you want a helping hand along the way, then let’s talk!


      Because I know (from experience) that if you don’t have a plan, only a vague idea that you “want to make money online”, then your odds of success are close to 0.

      So, in my little world, it would not only be unethical to allow a prospect like that to give me (what is probably their last fistful of dollars), but also is almost guaranteed NOT give them results. And that doesn’t make for great success stories, testimonials etc. Never mind great karma, feng-shui and an abundant Universe…

      to put it another way:

      IMO you have to look beyond what people WANT. We all want the magic bullet. No matter what problem you look at, if there’s a shortcut, we WANT it.

      You now need to look at which prospects can then implement what they NEED to implement to get great results.

      And if I can identify those prospects, and it takes some ‘high-pressure sales-tactics’ just to get them off their butts, or just to get them to overcome their disillusionment (because they’ve already tried so many other things that promised the WANT, but didn’t deliver on the NEED), then heck, I’ll do it.

      Because I know that I can ultimately help them.

      But, in the process I have to be careful to ‘reject’ those who will not take the necessary action and start implementing the stuff they NEED to implement.


      PS: and just as part of a bit of ‘active rejection’ marketing: if you are overwhelmed, no idea where to go, and really, you just want to make some money online, I encourage you to check out my focus video and the ‘mathematics of success‘. They’re a little bit older, but just as relevant today as they were a couple of years ago (if not more so because our attention is challenged more and more by an ever-increasing volume of marketing messages)

  4. Jillian P says:

    Love Lesson One!
    Guess I’m not “people” then! I read the sales page (just out of curiosity) and I also went wtf? I don’t even know what they they are trying to sell mw, why on earth should I buy it? But point taken, most people do like cool s**t with cool names.
    Will rename my “Getting the best out of Keyword Planner” to “Google Bombardment” immediately.

    Lesson Four, lol, how many things have I got under my virtual bed? Oh yes, those concepts work alright!

    Lesson Five, well I havr to disagree with Bob, the fact that sometimes you write as if for yourself is what allows us to feel so connected. Your readers really get to feel that they know you as a person, those who decide they don’t like that will unsub, the rest of us look forward to your emails, and actually read them!

    As for AJ, I recently wrote in one of my own “get it out of my head onto paper” discussions (terrible self indulgence I know!) “I don’t like his style but there’s no denying his s**t works!”
    We almost bought into his coaching back in 2009 and got really ticked off with the high pressure follow up. But having bought a couple of his products recently I am coming round to thinking that if I can put my spin on it without breaking the system it is what I want to do.
    Would you say there’s anything in this new one that there hasn’t been in the millions he’s already done? Guess I’d better go see for myself, got a link anywhere? 😉

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