4+1 Case-Studies

(actually, it’s now 4+3, see below for the 2nd bonus video, and then an insight at the very end)

In this case-study we look at

  1. how to pick the right business model (so you can build a long-term business)
  2. how to pick the right clients
  3. how to put together offers that convert.
  4. Plus how to put together a product quickly along with bonuses that make sense (instead of being used in an exploitative/’persuasive’ way)

the ‘+1’ case-study is of course the video I did for you itself!

have a look how I have taken my expertise, and packaged it up into something that is very useful and helps answer very specific questions.

There was no need for analysis-paralysis, no scripting, just an outline of what questions I wanted to answer, then I had to go and find good case-studies (and you’ll be amazed how quickly your brain starts finding them for you as long as you ask ‘good’ questions), and then record it.

Although this may seem ‘simplistic’, that’s precisely where I see people trip up all the time: they THINK their stuff isn’t good enough (often only subconsciously), then fall into analysis-paralysis, endless detail, the ‘overdelivery’ trap and so on.

At the end of the day, your customers only have one question: “I have a problem (usually a specific one, see case-studies), can you help me solve it?”

Answer that and you’re golden!

The questions I used for this video were questions where people trip up all the time (although they typically don’t ask them in that specific way)

  1. how come I can’t make any money with this IM thing … the ad-spend is killing me (and SEO doesn’t work) – the answer is of course: the front-end (related question is how/why you can/should give away 100% throughout your funnel. It’s because it’s cheaper than buying traffic, *paying buyers* in particular)
  2. should I offer bonuses, use scarcity etc in order to get people to take action? The answer is of course ‘no’, and in the video you’ll see why
  3. why does my offer not convert? the answer is (more often than you think) that it’s not solving a specific enough problem. Here you see this in practice, along with something to model (Alex’ approach)

So, what’s your #1 a-ha moment, your #1 take-away you can change in your business straight away?

Leave a comment here (it’s a survey-form, because some people don’t like sharing ‘in public’), and I’ll pick 3 winners at random for a free 30min 1-on-1 consultation.

Bonus Case-Study

Here’s an unadvertised bonus case-study for you: got an email from Andre Chaperon where he makes one big mistake (please learn from it, and don’t do it in your own marketing), plus a fine example of how ‘brushing over’ some detail can lead your prospects down one path of thinking … (which may well be aligned with your intentions of ‘making them buy’;-)

PS: another useful lesson for you: there are plenty of people who will not share in ‘public’ like leaving a comment underneath a blog-post or video, simply because they don’t feel comfortable doing it.

as a result, you’ll end up with a biased pool of responses … you think your entire audience wants one thing, but turns out you’re completely blind to a large proportion of your tribe. Hence the power of ‘anonymous’ surveys for questions like the one above!

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