3500 sites and counting

So, a couple of days ago Steve and I get talking, and he tells me he’s got 3500 domains, all waiting to be turned into gold … ideally in a (semi-)automated fashion.

Here’s my response to Steve:

3500 sites, lol, and I thought I had too many with 300.

Now, my master plan had been to rank & sell the
vast majority of those 300 – and in the end I kinda
gave up on them – they’re slowly expiring now, simply
because Google caught up too quickly (many of them
are EMDs) – and I couldn’t figure out a good way of
getting them ranked in a way that doesn’t piss off
Google too much.

Yes, I had a few of them rank on pg 1 of Google just
with content (5 pieces of content), and I very quickly
got notices from Google telling me that I’m violating
their Adsense rules, would I please take down Adsense
from those sites.

and, obviously, they’re not ranking on page 1 anymore.

so, as semi-automated doesn’t really work that well
anymore (especially at the scale you’re talking about),
I’d work on the highest value ones of your portfolio
for maximum profit, and find one of those “I’ll build your
site and get it ranked” guys on the WF and do a profit
split with them: you give them the domain, they build
it out, you split the profits (probably not 50-50 as they’re
doing the bulk of the work – but enough to make you
a small profit).

anyway, that’s what I would do



Now, there is a “higher purpose” behind this:

a lot of people are married to their past results.

And that’s stopping them from moving forward.

Here’s the thing:

what you have done or achieved in the past, has very little influence on what you are doing now and can achieve now …

… unless of course you let your mind tell you that “just because you couldn’t make it work in the past, you can’t make it work now”.

Similarly, a lot of people are married to their past ‘investments’:

the feel they ‘should’ at least get some value out of all the ‘stuff’ they’ve bought in the past, and now it’s sitting there creating this fog of guilt in the minds. Others keep collecting the ‘stuff’ and tell themselves that it’ll all be part of the new project they are “just about” to start … it’ll be the ultimate “curation” project.

And of course, that then redirects their thinking AND ACTING towards collecting more stuff, instead of taking what they’ve got and making it work as it is.

Either way, yes, letting go of 3500 sites (which at $6.95 a pop on average, unless they’re all .info domains) is a decent lump of money is a tough call … but may be just the ticket to get you focused on the ONE project that’s moving your to the place where you need to be.

Godaddy are going to hate me for this….




  1. yeah i got started in autoblogging and was using all these plugins and 6 hosting accounts and trying to keep updating all the sites,…..the list goes on….

    then google caught on with Farmer(pre animal updates) and it crashed and burned over the following year. I wasted the first 2years online with all that(had lots of highs and lows with autoblogs). Automation can be done(tools that pull data feeds from vendors) but more for using product feeds or sites like directories or price comparison engines or coupon sites. Little niche sites are dying.

    during this time the peers I saw online that focused on 1 market with 1 site are the ones who have built a real business online..

    there are definitely guys who have thousands of domains that are professional domaineers but that is a whole other thing.

    I wish I had spend those 1st two years working on copywriting, sales funnels, understanding how to target an audience….type of stuff rather than the anonymous, niche-site empire type of business model.

  2. At one stage I had over 240 wp autoblogs – nearly drove me insane with the updates on wp and all the plugins – most of which were paid and so had to be downloaded, uploaded and activated individually. In the end I walked away and now run a few – mainly lead generators for my offline businesses. As lead generators they work ok – but it’s not the internet flexible lifestyle aimed for – maybe it’s an illusion anyway.

    So I’m now gonna focus on one subscription page and build a subscriber list to work with. Just one.

  3. If he does have 3,500 and all semi or fully automated, let him know he needs to get ready for the next google/bing update, and they aim to get rid of all redundant sites.

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