3 HUGE Marketing Lessons And An “Anti-ASM” pitch

quintuple-whammy of marketing goodness for you:

as you heard in yesterday’s chat with Stephen, I picked up Amazing Selling Machines (ASM) for my wife.

(me trying to teach her myself is er ,….well, you know what it’s like when you’re trying to teach something to a loved one…;-)

And I did it through Jason Fladlien’s webinar … which is where the HUGE marketing lesson comes in.

actually, it’s 3 to 4 … as so often with Jason’s stuff…

Marketing Lesson #1: (the HUGE one):

listen to the replay, and study (yes STUDY) what he’s doing with the bonuses.

Ask yourself this:

“how is Jason different from all the other affiliates?”

(he does actually tell you!)

Then structure your business around that same principle!

That’s right, there’s a STRUCTURE to this! The combination of bonuses and the overall business is the key here! It’s what makes him VERY different from almost all other affiliates!

Lesson #2:  (pretty significant too!)JasonFladlienBestPromoEVer

…make sure to study how he structures the guarantee …. (and how it’s pre-framed all the way throughout the webinar!)

Ask yourself this:

“what is it people REALLY want, and how does Jason give it to them?


Why is the guarantee he gives truly the Best Guarantee Ever?”

Then look at any guarantee you’re giving and re-do it!

Lesson #3: (the hidden one;-)

ha, bummer, I can’t tell you because they’ve taken it out of the replay

ok, ok …

they did a survey about 30mins in, and then had a raffle towards the end … anyone who completed the survey, was entered in the raffle.

Anyway, the key point here is NOT that there was  a prize at stake, …

… it was something entirely different!

Jason gives you less than subtle hints throughout the show that pretty much tell you what the survey was about.

Ask yourself this:

“what ONE question did they ask in the survey and why is that question so powerful?”

This one is so powerful I’ll be working this into every marketing campaign I’m doing!

First person to leave a comment with the right answer gets another secret technique (not used in Jason’s webinar) that takes ‘the hidden one’ to a whole new level.

The Anti-ASM pitch

Lol, if you were hoping I’d tell you not to get ASM (Amazing Selling Machines) or that there’s something wrong with it, well, I won’t.

Here’s why:

I have enrolled (my wife) …

(Meaning: I’m pretty confident that it’s a good product, I’m dropping $4k on this after all…)

… But: obviously neither my wife nor I have gone through ASM yet.

I have NO prior experience with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), so how could I possibly make any statement about it.

Or with a good conscience provide massive bonuses and promote it?

Which incidentally, is the theme you’re seeing all the way through Jason’s webinar!

(which is why this last section really should be Lesson #4;-)

Which is why I suggest that if you’re considering getting ASM, you might as well get it through Jason’s link.

Just watch his webinar replay, the buy-link appears after about 90mins into the webinar (and you’ll be busy taking notes up to that point anyway! And if you’re already sure you want ASM, you can just fast forward to 90mins and le voila, there’s the button;-)




PS: actually, there’s a 5th lesson in Jason’s webinar … which has to do with “pre-qualifying” … which is going to be the topic of our upcoming “Marketing Nougat”;-)









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  1. Veit,
    Methinks that anyone doing surveys during webinars is (should be) doing two things. Finding if the tone on the webinar fits the audience and making notes on how to best present to that kind of audience in future. More importantly, they are training the audience to push bittons for them – just like they want them to at the end of the webinar when they get to buy the product on offer. Good luck with the marital relations the first time Fiona his a veritable brick regarding her progress.


    • Hey Tony,

      good points! I reckon the ‘is the tone right’ is of course something you should be doing all along (like you would in a real class-room), plus of course by doing proper marketing up-front: make sure the right people are in the room to begin with.

      I personally don’t quite buy the whole “training” your audience … yes, to some degree you can get a pattern going, but if people don’t WANT your stuff, they are not going to buy, no matter how often they’ve clicked on a button before.

      And the foundation of WANT is DESIRE and that’s to a large degree based on … well, the magical concept Jason uses in that webinar;-)


  2. Simon Kensington says:

    Hi Veit,
    I’m not sure if you kind of answered the question in your response to the previous commenter but my answer is linked to desire – that is by asking attendees, visitors etc what problem they were looking to solve and why they thought this was a good enough fit to spend time finding out about it.
    On another note although Amazon related in spite of the hype surrounding selling on Amazon I’m finding an increasing number of successful Amazon sellers (physical products) looking to use internet marketing to reach customers directly because they are being crowded out of Amazon. They feel that selling through social is an opportunity to reach people directly. They know they can’t compete with Amazon on Adwords or on google with SEO so they’re going social. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Simon, yes, it’s desire, and from there one more step to BELIEF (see Taj’s answer).

      re Amazon sellers leaving Amazon because they think they can’t compete with Amazon or Google … it’s the classic case of not having a sales-funnel in place that has a high enough LTV for each customer that you can afford to pay more than anybody else for the ‘first contact’ – and that includes Amazon.

      I agree, if you only have a bunch of FE products on Amazon, then soon enough you’ll find yourself in the same situation as many corner stores (someone else with more purchasing power will undercut you), which is the reason you absolutely MUST build a sales-funnel, even for Amazon products.

      then again, at this point in time, there are still plenty of people having a great time with just FE products, or so I am told;-)


  3. Hi Veit,

    The answer to your question of “what ONE question did they ask in the survey and why is that question so powerful?” is they asked if they believed they could do it. As in they know the system works but forget everyone else who is successful, do you think YOU can do it. It’s testing their belief to the core.

    Hope I’ve got the right answer.


    • and we have a winner!

      yes, the question was “do you BELIEVE you can do it” (or something to that effect).

      it’s not actually an ‘evil marketing psychology trick’, but it’s a fundamental principle of motivation: the belief that you can do it (fancy way of saying it would be using the term ‘self-efficacy’) is THE most important factor in achieving something.

      if you have a plan and you believe that this plan will work for you, you’re much more likely to succeed with that plan (than e.g. if someone imposes the plan on you)

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