$1500/week passive income

Join me & Sam Bakker for a LIVE webinar where you’re going to see for the first time a ‘Contest App’ Sam’s team has worked on for a long time that is finally ready…

…and because you are a valued subscriber we are inviting you to view this LIVE demonstration as Sam shows off live on the webinar how easy it is to create contests with his generator.

Here’s what you’re about to learn:

– A live example of an app that he’s running that made him $1500 in less than a week!

– Easy ways to find businesses that are desperate to run a Facebook contest that brings in money

– The best way to run a contest that brings in money within the first 2 weeks for any business!

– Finally you’ll see LIVE how you can generate your own viral contests easily within just 90 seconds.

Cool stuff, definitely highly recommend seeing this thing in action if you can make it!

spaces are filling up fast to make sure you register now to reserve your spot!


Hope to have you on the call


PS: here’s the workbook for the call: Download the Startup Business Guide

PPS: go through the Startup Business Guide, then have a look at my Full-time in come from a single blog post, (and then come back to what you learn in the webinar, the two complement each other perfectly!)


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