0.774 Turkeys. Each!


Hey there,

hope you’re having a lovely Thanksgiving day!

Mine started with an article in the newspaper on turkeys, specifically the 243 *million* bred in the US every year.

Quick google told me that the US population is 316.9 million people.

316.9/243 = 0.774 turkeys. Each. No matter what age.

I’m jealous now 😉

Ok, on a equally non-serious, but far more inspiring note:

just watched the move “Happy Thank You More Please”

which has a lovely message on gratitude.

Specifically, there’s a scene where one the characters tell a story how you should follow a “thank you” by a “more please” (which in itself has a ton of different meanings) …

one of which is “with gratitude the Universe is eternally abundant” and the “more please” stimulates you to look for more of the good stuff.

Anyway, as usual, once you have a fresh idea in your head, it keeps popping up all over the place, so today, when talking to different people, it, well, popped up all over the place.

So, a couple of ideas just to get your creative juices flowing:

In a conversation with Leah, we stumbled upon the idea of “being at peace with yourself” more so when doing one thing, than when doing another one.

Another conversation sparked the idea that far too many people are grateful for having found their ‘rut’, and are (almost) happy enough to spend the rest of their lives in this rut.

The real ‘more please’, shouldn’t really be ‘more of the same’, (hey, I wish I’d watched more daytime TV….), but rather:

how can I make more of my gifts, more of my talents, more of the value I bring to the ‘big table’.

Now, the real magic happens when you combine those 2 concepts:sunset-69600_640

being at peace with yourself and the whole rut-dilemma.

I would argue that for anyone to be truly at peace with themselves, they cannot be (re)sign(ed) up for “so-so, ah-well, it’s ‘good enough'”.

I would also argue that a lot of people have moved away from their true gift to something else, not because it seemed easier, but because of something I like to call “the self-fulfilling prophecy of the ‘label‘”

that however is worthy of a separate post, so more on that tomorrow;-)

in the mean-time:

how can you use the “thank you, more please” in your life?

Here’s mine for you today: thank-you for being in my life and part of my journey (and letting me be part of your’s) and the many stimulating and often entertaining conversations we’re having!

More please!

Happy Thanksgiving


PS: search for “happy thank you more please” or “thank you more please” and you’ll find a nice illustration that Google still values exact match domains;-)



  1. jane gardner says:

    Thanks, more please. There is a rumor you are getting out of internet marketing and becoming a philosopher. I like this! Nice to see this on a day where people are selling stuff madly. No wonder it is Black Friday. Have a great cup of tea – my favourite (yes, I am Canadian) is black Tetleys tea (and no other).

    • Jane, ah yes, the good ol’ tea debate.

      My wife is firmly in the Tetley’s corner too … I’m more into the loose leaf thing (taste-free according to Fiona;-)

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