Fed Up With "More Stuff" And Looking For Some Real Internet Marketing Intelligence?

If you already know WHAT you need to know, but you need help putting it in the right order, then you'll LOVE Experience.IM

VYT – THE biggest leverage point in your life & business

  I needed a quick script coded up for one of my sites, so put a quick project up on Freelancer - and clearly stated that they have to mention a "secret" word: a full 2 out of 10 managed Continue Reading »

Which side are you going to “end up” on?

here's an article absolutely worth reading http://www.bbc.com/news/world-39706765 (the title "Is inequality about to get unimaginably worse?" gives you a hint how important it really Continue Reading »

I was wrong … about Powerwords

Today I have a piece in 3 acts for you - all part of a bigger picture: Act #1: I was wrong about John Carlton's teachings. You see, when I first encountered John Carlton's copywriting, (bought Continue Reading »

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