Fed Up With "More Stuff" And Looking For Some Real Internet Marketing Intelligence?

If you already know WHAT you need to know, but you need help putting it in the right order, then you'll LOVE Experience.IM

How to know what you’re good at

Two main lessons for you today: 1) how (NOT) to figure out what your market really wants, and 2) PO1: the power of one. (yeah, very cryptic, just watch the video;-) and no ;-(, there's no Continue Reading »

Webinar Training Ground

here is a 'mixed bag of marketing goodies for the weekend': a) good news about FB organic reach: you keep hearing left, right and centre that FB's organic reach is declining badly, and pretty much Continue Reading »

Review of WP Funnel Metrics

Today I'm looking at WP Funnel Metrics - a plugin that gives you a quick overview over how your 'sales-funnels' are working. It's really designed to be used with paid products (although you can set Continue Reading »

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